Posted by - November 12, 2020

TIALEM PONGEN THIRAH Transitioned period for Naga weavers, designers, and fashion experts. The fashionista entrepreneurs having teamed up together to curved and have maintained their niches in the traditional fabric production method are undergoing here in Nagaland, India. Contemporary designs are blooming in all the sectors. Nagas textile world is adding varieties of spectacular designs.

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Barak Festival 2019

Posted by - January 6, 2020

Barak Festival falls between two seasons, the harvest and Christmas and marks the most awaited period of the year for the people of Senapati, Manipur. Who just after gathering the harvest, take pride and pleasure in hosting the mega celebration to showcase their rich cultures, way of life, traditional hospitality, fraternal bonds and the bounteousness

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Naga Student’ Union Chennai (NSUC) Celebrated its 41st Freshers’ Day cum Annual Day

Posted by - November 25, 2019

NeW Bureau The Naga Students Union Chennai, celebrated its 41st Freshers’ Day cum Annual Day on 19th October 2019, at Hindustan Bible Institute, Chennai on the Theme: Cultural Fusion and with Motto: “Do not despise these small beginnings.” Zechariah 4:10. Shri Wapangtoshi, the President of Northeast India Welfare Association Chennai (NEIWAC) was the Guest of

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Partha Borgohain

Posted by - September 13, 2019

Chow Partha Borgohain, the only child of Chow Subhitya Borgohain and Nang Sengpem Borgohain, was born in a small town called Along, in the West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. In the year 2005 he headed out to Madras to pursue his studies on engineering. However as destiny leads, he landed to be a student

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A journey through Cambodia & Vietnam

Posted by - August 5, 2019

K. Haralu My dream of visiting Cambodia and Vietnam came true a couple of months back when I found a friend who also wanted to visit Cambodia. This piece is written for those who may be interested to visit these lesser known South East Asian countries. We reached Phnom Penh after a brief stopover in

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Patricia Zadeng: Resume to natural fibers

Posted by - August 3, 2019

For generations, people of Northeast had the perfection in the art of traditional weaving with natural yarns such as cotton, linen and silk. However due to urbanization weavers started weaving using synthetic yarns and that of course blemished the artistic uniqueness of the conventional weaving. Nevertheless, a graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

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Bijou Thaangjam

Posted by - June 17, 2019

NeW Bureau An Actor, A Chef and A lyricists from Imphal, Manipur who is making his Bollywood .He has been living in Mumbai for a decade and The Northeast Window had the privilege to hear from him, a story on making big in the showbiz industry, not many can make a living in the “City

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Sristi Pariyar: A dancing Queen from Gangtok Sikkim

Posted by - June 14, 2019

NeW Bureau A dreamer who has never let obstacles hinder her progress! Sristi Pariyar a dancing Queen from Gangtok Sikkim, a person who is determined and truly hardworking and a mentor an inspiration for many!   Tell us something about yourself? – A woman must not accept, she must challenge. Well I am a struggler,

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Badu – Lament of a fleeting soul’

Posted by - June 13, 2019

NeW Bureau ‘The Buddy Vibes’ from Arunachal Pradesh has a team member of 5 individuals. Toni Perme( Director/ Director of Photography/ Editor) Priya Badu(Scriptwriter), Tage Yadi (Assistant Editor/ Assistant Director of Photography), Taba Yater ( Assistant Director), and Makaamso Tayang ( Assistant Director of Photography) . All the members are students of Mass Communication and

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