The Northeast Window was conceived with the realisation that a great deal of materials get generated which discusses issues pertaining to the backwardness, militancy, corruptions and scores of other negativities of the North East region of India. These topics make interesting reading. However, the region has tremendous amount of positive things to boast of, be it natural resources, folklores and cultural heritage, places and people, tourism, artists and artisans, Indigenous Knowledge or investment opportunites etc. Highlighting them would not only benefit the inhabitants of the region but also a cross section of stakeholders such as academicians, policy planners, investors, tourists and so on. With this objective in mind, the first issue of the magazine was  launched on August 9, 2004 with the blessings of His Excellency, the then Governor of Nagaland, Shri Shyamal Dutta.

The magazine offers an insightful peep into every aspect of the Northeast region. It provides a kaleidoscope of culture and tradition of the region that is fast emerging as a region of interest and immense potential for its strategic location, rich repository of biodiversity, tourism prospects and human resources in various fields. The monthly hopes to bridge the information asymmetry amongst the people of the region who very often remain ignorant about their immediate neighbour state. At the same time it endeavors to foster peace and promote development of the region by bringing the diverse stories of the region to readers within the region as well as inform the latest happenings of the nation and the rest of the world. The journey thus far has been one of the colossal responses in terms of readership and distribution, which has only encouraged us to improve and bring in innovation in every edition. Keeping in mind the motto of the Magazine, ‘We Strive to Inform’ at all times, we invite our readers and viewers to participate proactively in making the publication more meaningful.