“This is Where I Belong.”

– A talk with Mr Yangertoshi

Music is an integral part of every family in a Naga household. With the age-old tradition of cultural songs and the hymns sung every Sunday, songs remain close to every individual in the state. In our conversation with Mr. Yangertoshi, a military officer, he speaks about how music has always been close to his heart, and never gave up on it despite his hectic schedule.

Mr. Yanger was born in Mokokchung and spent his childhood inDimapur. He also completed his schooling in Dimapur. He has released a single on YouTube titled “This is where I belong” which gained him lakhs of views and followers. He achieved instant fame through this music video and helped him climb the ladder of success.

We were lucky enough to have a tête-à-tête with the man himself. He gives all the credit for being the man he is today to his parents. They have been his biggest support and influence. “I’m so blessed to have my parents despite all odds supporting us and making me what I am today. My parents have always guided me with their valuable and practical advice. The one I love the most and stuck with me for the longest time is to follow my heart with perseverance, dedication, and hard work.”

On asking about his songs, Mr. Yanger shares about how music has always been his passion, and loves every bit of creating his own. “Though I love all types of genre and listen to all, my music falls into soft rock and modern pop genre. I have no set formula for my songwriting process. Sometimes the music just comes along when I fumble about with my guitar, sometimes a tune pops up in my head and I follow it. Sometimes I just jot down some words and try to convert it into a song. So, the whole process of songwriting becomes exciting for me and even taxing at times. I don’t have any specific favorite song. I love to perform songs which touch my heart and those which I’m comfortable with.”

The conversation continued to talk about the existing artists in the state of Nagaland and he has nothing but admiration and praises for them. “These days a lot of our own artists are producing very good music so I won’t mind doing a project with them. Provided, the song forces me to take the plunge. I would love to even share the stage with them.”

As an officer in the military, keeping a work-life balance can be a little challenging now and then. The same is the case with Mr. Yanger. “Due to my commitment to my service, I find it difficult to provide time to keep my passion for music alive. However, I make sure to always find the time. It may take me days to come up with a song and sometimes it may even take months or years.” No matter how much time it may take, music is a part of Mr. Yanger and even a little amount at any moment of the day keeps him going. “I’m blessed that I can balance it till date and honestly, I am able to make music and sustain my passion all because of my service.”

He has always found it difficult to balance his passion and work-life though he continues to put more effort into it. he also advices the same to his fans. “My personal opinion basing on my experience is that to get a job or to stand on our own two feet entails us to prioritize our life goals and to achieve it, time is a crucial factor. Passion is something which we can always focus on and follow throughout our existence. Sometimes we have to make amends and sacrifice to support ourselves in the future. I won’t suggest that what I do is the best model, but till date, it has worked out well for me. Right after college when I realized that though music is my first love, I need a job to sustain my life and my passion. I focused on my studies and started my preparation for competitive exams and by God’s grace, I could crack and secure myself a decent service.However, in the meantime, I had to put my music on hold for almost a decade. I started pursuing my passion for music once I was sure I could support myself in all aspects.”

For him, his occupation and music go hand in hand. “As an independent artist, the decision to produce music is a big commitment, be it musically or financially. We all know that to love music comes easy. To create and produce your own music is all together with a different ballgame.”

Many artists from states like Nagaland have always had their talent hidden away because of the unavailability of the platform. Artists these days are able to portray their talent through the various platforms made available through the internet. “Personally, the internet is the perfect medium for an independent artist like me who can share our creation to the masses. I’ll also be releasing a new music video titled “Someone You Love” in the month of December for which I’m really excited and looking forward to” Mr. Yanger continued to share with a glimmer of hope in his eyes, “As for the future, I would love to make more music however service commitments sometimes come in the way of my passion.”

Many continue to make music but only some are able to touch the hearts of the viewers and Mr. Yanger is one of them. To make a hit on his first try is a feat that many has been unable to achieve. His single has gained him lakhs of likes from his audience and kept them waiting for more. “I want to thank all those who taken their precious time to surf my music video on my YouTube channel. Their love and support have been a blessing and it is what gives me the strength to continue to make more music. Thank you all once again.”


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