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Rebecca Jamir, is a YouTube content creator from Aoyimti village, Dimapur, Nagaland, currently residing in Gurgaon. She uploads videos on YouTube of food recipes from her hometown.
A project manager by profession, focusing on education for underprivileged children, she continues to follow her passion and share her love for cooking by creating videos of recipes that anyone can follow.
She has completed her schooling from Rev. Subongwati Memorial School, Dimapur, and later her Bachelors in Theology and Masters in Divinity from Grace Bible College, Gurgaon. Haryana.
She comes from a family of four with her parents and one elder sister who is “…married and has 3 beautiful daughters”. She is now married and living in Gurgaon.

When did you first start making videos?
Making YouTube videos was never in my mind. My husband (then, my boyfriend) pushed me into making videos. He liked my cooking and inspired me to make videos. So, I made a few Naga style cuisines and uploaded them on YouTube.
It just was a beginning and I enjoyed doing it. But I was not consistent in making videos, I took a break for almost a year.
I went back to creating more videos after my marriage. When I saw comments on my videos, especially the comments from Nagas living away from home, that they miss their homecooked food I felt like I needed to do something.
So, I started making Naga recipes without even having all the Naga ingredients. I was still able to bring out the taste of our homecooked food.
This push was really helpful and I felt happy when I saw the positive comments.

How was the response to your YouTube videos?
When I started uploading videos, I didn’t get any good responses. Hardly would I get 100-200 views. It took me one year to reach 1000 subscribers and 2 years to get my first payment from YouTube.
Yeah! I had to work for 2 years to receive 100$ (almost 7,000 INR) from YouTube.
But things changed.
Slowly, my videos got the attention of many people and I started getting a good amount of views. Earlier I never showed my face on the video. I was very shy about it. But slowly as I gained confidence; I started speaking on videos and then the response came well.
What are the biggest challenges you face?
TIME! As a working lady and a wife, it’s not easy to handle everything smoothly.
Most of the time I cook late at night and it’s really tough to do so regularly.
Another difficulty I face is not being able to get the authentic ingredients of Nagaland and also the fear of my neighbours getting annoyed by the smell of my cooking.

Who is your favourite chef?
Maangchi – She is a Korean Chef and I love her videos. She explains her process and it’s easy to follow.

Who is your inspiration in life?
My husband is my inspiration in life, if he hadn’t pushed me in making videos then, today I wouldn’t have gotten this privilege of having a good number of subscribers.
He records videos, edits, and uploads my videos on YouTube. He moderates everything.
He has built me in every aspect of my life.

Have you faced any cyberbullying; how do you deal with it? (If Any)
So far, I haven’t faced any such situation in my YouTube career. But here and there I find some negative comments about my recipe and my style.
But it doesn’t bother me at all. I just ignore such comments.
What is your favourite cuisine?
Anything related to pork. Especially “Pork with Anishi” (Ao Naga Cuisine) – This is one of my favourite cuisines.

Any advice to the youths of Northeast and readers?
We are blessed to live in this era. Everything is one click away for us. So, make the most of it. Learn new skills. Use the internet properly. Learn to be financially free. Respect your parents and be faithful to God.


Chicken with Eggplant & Potato

Chicken – 1kg
Eggplant (Brinjal) – 250 grams
Potato – 3
Tomatoes -2
Green Chillies -10
Ginger – 1 inch
Garlic – 7 cloves
Bamboo shoot – 2 Tablespoon
Kashmiri Chilli Powder – 1 Tablespoon
Salt (for taste)
Lemon Grass (For aroma)

Add lemongrass, chopped green chillies, ginger paste, tomatoes & potatoes in water and bring it to a boil. Add sufficient salt.
Once it’s boiled, add the bamboo shoot and boil it for a minute. Then add the chicken pieces and cook them together for about 15 minutes.
Take out the cooked potatoes and mash them well and keep it aside.
Add Kashmiri chilli powder for the colour.
Cut the eggplants in medium size and cook it along with the chicken. Cook it for another 5 minutes.
By this time the chicken and the eggplants will be cooked properly. Add the mashed potatoes back to the curry and let it boil for 2 minutes.
Finally, add some garlic paste.
Our chicken with eggplants and potatoes are ready.


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