The Rumbling spoons

Currently based in Bangaluru, Nitu Viluo, from Nagaland is a software engineer with some experience in the IT sector and Public sector.  Ever since his college days, cooking has always fascinated him. However it took him some time to fully focus on it. Thus after working with the IT Sector for about five years, he resigned from his profession and took up his vocation as a full-time entrepreneur Chef and this is what he is today. As an Angami Naga, he takes pride in the rich organic delicacies of the region and vision to make it global.

What made you decide to make our Naga food? What is the response from the locals on Naga food?

As they say,” Home sweet home”, staying away from home for various reasons (work, studies) made me understand and appreciate our ethnic dishes. I feel like there is so much more than just food – it creates memories and bonding. I aspire to serve people everywhere staying away from home by bringing home-style food on their platter. Interestingly the response from local people is also very encouraging.

How do you contribute or preserve our Naga good culinary and recipes?

Naga food is one of the most natural and organic food cuisines in the world. There is a need to preserve and diversify this as per the changing needs and wants of consumers. Accordingly, I have researched and developed several recipes (some original recipes) which are FSSAI certified. I do follow and learn from other chefs, particularly from the northeast. You may also check out my Instagram, youtube, and other blogs @the_rumbling_spoon.

Who is your favorite chef?

Nigella Lawson, an English food writer, and television cook is my biggest inspiration among others.

The line. “Men should cook”, how would you address the people?

Cooking is all about making people smile irrespective of gender. It is a life skill that can be very rewarding.

How can people reach out to your products?

I’m available on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, and direct phone calls 24X7. Also, my products are available exclusively at 7 sisters NE Shop at Ejipura, Bengaluru.

A message to the readers and youths of our northeast.

Firstly, a big thanks to The Northeast Window for giving me this privilege to share my story.

To all the readers and well-wishers, be hungry for your dreams. Keep learning new skills and surround yourself with the right people that encourage and motivate you to become your best version. Thank you.


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