A tale of Pineapple growers’ in Nagaland.

NeW Bureau

Kamsei Thangeo (Molvom village)

Summer 2020 which was supposed to be a happy summer for a family of 4 has been spoilt by the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, as we listen to their story it is too overwhelming, Mr. Kamsei said that we usually get enough from the summer harvest for my wife and my two children who are studying at class-2 and class-B but this year we had to make a huge cut from our daily expenses for the situation. Mrs- Thangeo said that online classes are a boon for the children but difficult for them as they mostly spend their time working at the Pineapple farm as it is the harvest time. She also said that all the pineapple farms are organic (Zero use of Fertilizers) so they work really hard ploughing their field throughout the year. Her wish is that her children study hard and get the best education.


Kimchin Singson

Mrs. Singson a mother of 4 children who was excited and spontaneous as we talk to her about her pineapple farm and her family. Mrs. Singson said that because of the lockdown the transportation has been badly affecting resulting in thousands of rotten pineapples in the last 4 months.  The cost of pineapple this year has dropped down from half the price from previous years.

With loans she has been cultivating her field of 34 thousand pineapple plantation now she is worried for her loans and payment, on previous years she could sell her pineapple by 17 to 20 rupees per piece but this year she could sell her pineapple by just 6 rupees. She keeps on engaging workers for ploughing the field as the pineapple farms are being attacked by pests and insects such as squirrels, birds, large red ants, etc. She also said that summer crops are the sweetest and delicious as her farms come under the Medziphema belt (Medziphema produces the world’s sweetest Pineapples). There are multiple folds she endures as she talks to us.


Some of the highlights and suggestions/appeals from the farmers were to build up a larger cold storage facility in each division from the concern govt. department so that in this time of crisis they can save their products from getting destroyed. Subsidies and loans (loans with lower interest), A Multi-purpose machine from the concerned govt. department for producing innovative products from the pineapples, More work-shops, and seminars for the farmers every year from the concerned department and agencies and better supply chains for the farmers. As lack of supply chain is disrupting in reaching out to the World Sweetest Pineapple to each household in the state of Nagaland.

There are many untold stories from our farmers and it is a huge battle during this pandemic, Are the Government and policy makers keeping a track and doing enough for our farmers?

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