Passion as an enjoyable activity

“People with passion can change the world for the better.” Steve Jobs
There are many benefits to pursuing our passions, whether they are a hobby or a form of service. Passion is the energy, the enthusiasm, the motivation that comes from within. Passion means infusing some inspiration in our job or business which will keep us going happily. However every person has different interests and so do their passions differ. Nevertheless our modern day culture places too much emphasis on passion, yet not enough focus on skills and being adept at things. Thus increasing number of people, especially the youth, who are taking up careers that allow them to balance their passion and work and many innovative careers have turned out to be huge successes. However those who follow the fixed mindset are much more likely to give up when obstacles arise. A person who is passionate about what he or she do, rather than just “in it for the money,” tend to be a person who have more positive outlooks and able to overcome difficulty through problem-solving. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, passionate workers can drive extreme and sustained performance improvement. Pursuing our passion will make us develop our skills and will come forward as a gift which will lead to expertise. When one really enjoys what he or she do, nothing will stop him or her from getting his or her work done. Passions motivate to utilize the abilities to the fullest and constantly keep bettering. They help bring a greater purpose to our lives. Imagination and creativity develops with passion.
Every individual aspiress to do something great in life. As humans we are all born with a desire to fulfill a purpose that fits into the bigger picture. We want to leave the legacy of having made a progress and impact. To accomplish something great in this world one need to develop a passion to the interests one is having in certain things. Thus passion and success are interrelated. One can achieve success when they find passion in the work they do. Passion is a powerful tool. Any obstacle that comes in the way is accepted and fought off with a creative solution. This will help to see the success in the business even when it is small.

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