Miss Zirsangpuii, Miss Mizoram 2020

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Presently living in Khawzawl District, Mizoram, twenty two years old Miss Zirsangpuii completed her High School and Higher Secondary School from Khawzawl and received her Bachelor’s Degree (Education) from Govt. Aizawl College.

How did you get to know about the Miss Mizoram pageant and who pushed you to participate?
I have been following Miss Mizoram pageant since its inceptions and I used to watch the contest in previous years and I was aware of it.
My encouragement has been my parents who supported me in everything I do, and they acknowledge my passion in this area. I received enormous support from my close friends and relatives too.

Over the decades there have been many Miss Mizoram titleholder, what is the one quality that stands out?
The ability to maintain calm and composed, have self-control and a positive personality.

Share your experiences with the other contestants during your grooming and training period.
During participation, I gained immense improvements personally and learned many things that I never knew.
For instance, the grooming sessions were really helpful as it not only helped me build my personality but it moulded me into a better person. We studied how to deal with stresses, how to speak in public, manners/etiquettes, and other insecurity management.

Can you define what success is to you?
Success to me doesn’t necessarily have to imply accumulating wealth or achieving higher social status. Success to me is constant contentment of inner self with what you have and being able to accomplish the goals/objectives with satisfaction. Without happiness, nothing can be deemed successful.

9Who is your inspiration in life?
First of all, it has to be my parents as they have done miraculous things for me whom I will never be able to find in others. And as I grow up, I began to read novels and find inspiration in those books. One such writer is Mafaa Hauhnar, I still read his books to this day. I also find inspiration among children. The curiosity and their loving nature make me want to uncover the unknown and embrace all forms of humanity.

Can you share how would you use your platform as a reigning Miss Mizoram 2020?
I plan to extend a helping hand to those in need and doing the good deed. Another objective is continuing my BWAP which I’ve done in the Miss Mizoram contest— cleanliness drive across Mizoram to have proper solid waste management. In addition to that, I look forward to inspiring the younger generations through my activities and encourage them to have a better hope in life.

One thing you want people to know more about beauty pageant?
I want people to know that beauty pageant doesn’t picture icon alone. Beauty pageant provides opportunities for an individual and uplifts the status of women. It can also shape an individual into a better version of herself through the process.

There are many mystic places in Mizoram which are yet to be explored by tourist, as Miss Mizoram share us some great places and locations to be visited by a tourist while in Mizoram.
Here are some places among many to visit:
Vantawng Falls
Phawngpui Tlang, the highest peak in Mizoram
Hmuifang Tlang
Falkawn Village
Reiek Tlang

As the world fight this global pandemic what is your message to the people and frontline workers?
I would like to appreciate the frontline workers for their undying effort and endurance to keep us safe during this pandemic and let us continue to pray for them. Moreover, I would like to urge everyone to follow the general guidelines provided by the Government of India and stay indoors. Stay at home, save lives.

Last message to the youths of Northeast and readers of The Northeast Window Magazine.
My message to the youths and readers of NorthEast Window Magazine is to stay positive, communicate with people, and stick to your dream. Wherever you are, be kind and do good.

Quick 7 questions:
Most expensive dress/gown/heels at your wardrobe.
– My heels

Favorite Actor Male & Female.
– Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie

Things you always carry in your bag.
– Lipstick, Pen, and Phone

Favorite holiday destination.
– Shimla & Bali

Favorite song and the lyric.
Even If by Mercy Me
I know You’re able and I know You can
Save through the fire with Your mighty hand
But even if You don’t
My hope is You along

Three movies that you last watched.
– Enchanted, A Walk To Remember, Avengers: Endgame

Favorite designer.
– Buanga Chhangte

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