Madhabi Natural Homemade Soaps- A local initiative from Manipur

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IMG_20201002_145429804_HDR-01A young Bollywood actor from Manipur, Bijou Thangjam is now going back to his roots and trying to promote local handmade products. He is slowly gaining popularity for his initiative —Madhabi natural handmade soaps.

He started Madhabi Natural Handmade soaps to promote local products and to generate employment during the pandemic. Named after his grandmother, Madhabi Handmade Natural soaps was initiated to promote local herbs and medicinal plants and help generate jobs and provide employment to the local women artisans, farmers, and craftsmen.

Seeing the locals out of work because of the pandemic, he took up manufacturing soaps with homegrown and local natural ingredients that are 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals such as paraben and SLS.

15Madhabi Offers an array of beautifully patterned, detoxifying, fragrant, handmade soap using only natural ingredients like Neem, Nomangkha ( Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis), Harsingar, Rose, Chinni Champra (Ylang Ylang), Jasmine, Orange, Mint, Takhellei (Ginger lily), and others. Unlike Commercial soap that are not ‘made’ but’ Manufactured’, at Madhabi, the women artisans handpick the ingredients from local farmers and handmade. No preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no chemical compounds are added, only pure vegan; natural ingredients from Mother Earth are used in making these soaps. No product has been tested on animals and it’s cruelty-free.

Currently, Madhabi has sixteen different types of Soaps and many more will be added in the coming days. They have also launched 100% Organic Vegan Lip balm which is perfectly suitable for the winter. They are also collaborating with local bamboo artisans to add more bath items like Soap dish, liquid soap dispenser, shampoo container, and many others.

They abide by their motto ‘ Eco-Friendly, sustainable and biodegradable products’. Madhabi Handmade Natural Soaps has been gaining popularity amongst the online shopper across the country. Their products are on demand in metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi.

An initiative such as this needs to gain recognition for the efforts of not only promoting local products but also to help the local population in generating employment at times like today when the world is facing a global crisis. Kudos to the young mind that had the courage and belief to venture on such a path.

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