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We finally had the opportunity to have an up close personal interview with Mr. Halley Laithangbam. A model cum an entrepreneur and former Mister International India 2015,hailing from Imphal Manipur.

As we talk to him, he speaks about how independent he is and at the same time systematic and hard-working. He loves to experience new things in life. Doing what heloves and he seems very confident about what he is doing in life. In his words “I am a happy-go-lucky person and I love being myself.” He also speaks about how he own and manages his own restaurant (Halley’s Bistro) and also co-founded the Miss Manipur Organization. He is a Pageant coach expert and has also been crowned as Mister International India in the year 2015. He mentions that his independence and self-reliance has pushed him to where he is today. When asked how the pandemic has affected his business he speaks with a downcast look that it has had an adverse affect on not only his business but also everything as a whole, but he has been keeping himself busy by trying to run the restaurant to the best of his abilities, which helped him cope with the situation. He hopes that life will gradually get back to normal. Talking about the new normal, he tells us that it isn’t very difficult to keep up with the wearing of masks everyday and using of sanitizers as he has been doing this for years even before the pandemic but also points out that things are different in many other ways. He says that being an optimist has been a big help especially during the lockdown, which helped me keep a positive attitude. It was also a blessing in disguise as he got to spend time with his family and finish up his pending work at home that were lying around for months he says. He also mentions about how going for runs and working out helped him keep his fitness in check.




Many challenges came about because of the current scenario in the world businesses being forced to stop, some even to the extend of closure, schools being closed, commuting has become so expensive due to the rise in fuel cost and the fluctuation in price of the essential goods as well. As one of the organizers of Miss Manipur, Oranizing Miss Manipur 2020 seems highly unlikely, he says with a heavy heart clearly visible on his face. ‘It will practically be impossible since it is not a small event’


We asked him to give some advice to young upcoming entrepreneurs of the Northeast and here is what he had to say –

“I feel like I am still in my budding stage,a complete novice to advise young upcoming entrepreneurs since I haven’t experienced enough yet. I am still a learning person. I struggle almost daily but have been learning enormous lessons. There are many points to be mentioned to be a successful entrepreneur, but to tell a few.

– One must be a good team leader (He/she can’t be a boss)

 – One should be the first person to take initiative.

– Must be good in People and time management.

– He/she should be ready to take risks.

– His/her vision and mission must be clear.”

When asked about what his goals and plans for the future are, he simply answered-

“I am the man of action, I seldom talk and reveal about my future moves but the time will speak for sure. I don’t brag much about what I have, even though I believe in growing. “

Here is a message he had for the readers and youths of Northeast-

“Don’t take life so seriously; don’t make it tough for yourself. Take it easy. But when it comes to your career and profession choose the one where your passion lies. You will never get tired. And that’s the first step to help you reach your goal with contentment.

Last but not the least I would like to thank Northeast Window for valuing me as one of your interviewees.”

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