Adoryllene Dkhar Sawian Lily

Adoryllene Dkhar Sawian also known by her stage name “Lily”, is a singer-songwriter, based in Shillong, Meghalaya.

She is known for her original single “Jingkyrmen” produced by Banshan Suchiang , which acquired more than 2½ million views on YouTube. Her other singles includes ‘Unchained’ , ‘City Lights’ , ‘i mei’ , ‘Ecstacy’ , ‘Perplex’ , ‘ chi rta’ , ‘ki kular’ etc.

Lily’s track record involves several singing competitions along with several pageantries, to name a few; she won first place in the “Euphoria”, which is the biggest inter-college festival held by NEIGHRMS 2016. She was also the 1st runner-up in the Meghalaya Talent Hunt Show by the Assam Rifles, 2nd runner-up in the first season of Northeast Idol, held in Dimapur, Nagaland.

She was crowned the first Miss Cherry Blossom in 2016 when Meghalaya held its first India-international Cherry Blossom Festival, 1st runner-up of Miss Winter Wonderland 2017, organized by the Fashion Society Shillong, she is also the reigning Miss Varsity 2019 of the North-Eastern Hill University, and won first place at the 10th Miss India Northeast 2020 by Zest Events.

She has also performed in several festivals and events; including, in the Cherry Blossom Festival in 2016, 2017, and 2018, in the Rewind Festival of 2017, in the Autumn Festival of 2018, that same year, she performed at the Kite Festival, Solace Festival, and the Winter Festival along with the band Colours, and also in the Miss Shillong competition in 2016 and 2018.

Her most recent performance was performed in the Hills Festival held in Umbir in October 2019.

Along with her many acolytes and extensive artistry, Lily is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Plant Molecular Biology at the Northern Eastern Hill University.

Her current song “Blessed” is a song written by her that sends a message to its listeners which explain that no matter what they go through or no matter who they are there will always be ups and downs but if they keep believing in their self and in their dreams, it is bound to happen because it is one’s soul purpose in life. Along with the hardships, God is there to strengthen us because God is immortal and lives forever. Lily continues to mention “this pandemic has taught me so much”.




Something about yourself.

 My name is Adoryllene Dkhar Sawian, I am a singer-songwriter based in Shillong Meghalaya, besides singing itself my avocations include sports and handcrafting. Academically, I am awaiting my master’s degree in science (Plant Molecular Biology) from North-Eastern Hill University.

At what age did you start singing and performing?

My interest in singing initially started at a very young and tender age of 4 years old, my father is my pivotal figure, as he is an amazing singer himself.

Who is your inspiration?

 Although my father is the sole reason of my singing, my mother plays just as an important role as him. They encourage me to transcend my limits but with the principle of being humble, they have taught me moral ethics like no other, they mould me to be strong and independent, always keeping God in front of my ways. My parents are my greatest pillars and inspiration and I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

Favourite artist you look up to?

 In the wide range and plethora of musicians with myriads of the genre, there isn’t one definite artist I look up to, but multiple artists, like Rihanna, the amazing Celine Dion, and many more.

Tell us your genre of music; do you compose your own music?

 My genre of music is specifically or more about orbiting pop and soul, it is a combination of both. Although I sing covers at events my songs like, “jingkyrmen”, “chi rta”, “city lights”, “unchained” and a few more are indeed songs that I’ve composed.

You are also a beauty pageant winner, tell us your journey.

 Touching both fields of singing and pageantry is the perfect mix of the best of both worlds, in my opinion, the first pageant that I won (locally) made me strive for bigger stages, as my journey went both ways, along with it I had joined and participated in the Miss India Northeast 2019, it was an experience that cannot be summed up in a few words, not only did I experience a new atmosphere I also made new friends! With Sir Opang Jamir as our groomer and mentor, and also my inspiration and an amazing soul, he has taught us so much and I have learned to expand my horizons playing a great deal in my life.

Do you have future plans on pursuing music as full-time?

 With the face of this unique crisis it is hard to determine a future in singing, although I wouldn’t mind it. Singing keeps me going, it is my little escapade.

Share us your recent release music.

 “Blessed” a blissful word in itself that calms the soul, sticking to more than just one dimension, is the name of the song I’ll be releasing soon, it is a song written when I was at my lowest low, but with that thought, I knew I wasn’t alone, because I had and will always have God beside, ultimately it is he who hath given this amazing talent and I am forever grateful for what his purpose is for me.

Highlight the music scenario in your home-city Shillong.

 Being a singer and brought up in Shillong, most of my videos try to conceive the beauty of our land “Shillong” hoping in the best way to show the world how jaw-dropping and in awe our Shillong is.

How can people reach out to your music, share link, page?

Listeners can tune in either via YouTube which is my channel “W50 Records” or Spotify.

Message to the readers and youths of our Northeast India

If there is a message that I would personally want to share is a verse from the bible, “pride goes before destruction”, I say this because humbleness takes us a long way, with that being said, one should never forget the grace of God, and how we should be grateful at all times, counting our blessings.

 On another note I would like to instigate both young and old, that one must spread love rather than hate, put people on a pedestal, raise each other, and treat people as you would want to be treated.

About the song ‘Kynjah ia phi” by Adoryllene Dkhar Sawian Lily and George Shadap

‘Kynjah ia phi ‘ is a cover of the Indonesian song ‘Hanya Rindu ‘ by Andmesh. It is a song about missing a loved one and how in their absence, moving forward with life is not easy. In 2018, after experiencing the loss of a close relative coming across and listening to ‘Hanya Rindu ‘ resonated at a personal level. The lyrics held so much meaning and many were unaware as they were in a foreign language. The idea to make a cover came about in December 2019. The song is just translated beautifully in Khasi. With the pandemic going on it took some time to make this cover happen, but it was worth it as it was so well received.




George Shadap

Hailing from the Jaintia Hills, George Shadap came to Shillong for his studies from a young age. His love for the performing arts had been a childhood dream for he loved entertaining friends and family and even started playing the guitar and writing songs in earlier stages of his life.

His enthusiasm for modeling started when he took part in school contests and had never stopped since.

His first modelling contest was for Mr. Look of the Year 2015, where he won 1st runner up. When he participated in Mr. Glamsnap 2016, he walked away with the title. He continued with modelling ever since and has done numerous runway shows and photoshoots for various designers and photographers like Wanphrang Kharbuli, Canon, Allen Solly,Lensopedia, etc. He has taken part in government organised fashion shows for the Arts and Culture Department, ICCR, etc. He has also mentored beauty pageant contestants, the most recent being the Mr. and Ms. Gorkha pageant organised by the SOSS.

His ardour for music hasn’t stopped. He started a YouTube channel with the hope that one day he attains the dream of sharing his music with others. He looks forward to promoting new local talents in fashion, music, and businesses along with his music on this platform. “Kynjah ia phi” is one such example where local talents, Wanphrang Kharbuli (designer), Adoryllene Sawian(singer) KiKi Garod (Khasi film director), and all the set designers, music producers, videographers, etc have come together to produce something unique.

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