Vikuonuo Sachü- Miss Nagaland 2019

In conversation with Miss Sachü she is pursuing her class-12 standard from Model Higher Secondary School Kohima, Nagaland, she was also the 2nd runner-up of Miss Kohima 2019.

She is both an introvert as well as an extrovert person, she said that this may sound quite uncertain but it really defines her. Being a home-loving person she has always been set in the four corners of her room where she actually loves reading and writing; Mainly writing because she likes to scribbling all that thought or all the instances that have occurred.

 She started 4 years ago collecting all the newspaper ads of the newly crowned beauty queens and would aspire to be one of them. When she was 6, she watched in the local DD Channel where a former Miss Nagaland Akuonuo khezhie participating in Miss India 2007 contest and that really caught her eye on it.

Her strength is her patience and zeal to be who really she wants to be. “And I’m glad I could stand fulfilling the dreams I carried on for this long”.


8What have you learned from Miss Nagaland pageant?

Miss Nagaland pageant has been one and will be one of the most memorable experiences in life.

I’m blessed beyond what I deserve, is what crosses my mind whenever I flashback the event. I learned what it really means to be a beauty queen. My fellow friends before competitors taught me strength, passion, determination and countless lessons in depth. The things I knew were only the surface when I always felt my struggle was difficult, I couldn’t help but belittle myself over what I was worrying compared to what my fellow friends were shouldering.

They were truly an encouragement. I also learned I’m not alone in fact I’m never alone – friends, family, and well-wishers had my back pushing me beyond my limits all the while making sure to catch me if I fall. I’ve learned things, felt things and I know for a fact that ‘I’m the most blessed person in this world; something I won’t let anyone make me think otherwise’.


What is the one thing according to you the youths of today need to understand?

The one thing the youths of today need to understand is that they are not worthless, they are not replaceable – they are an integral part of our society. I’ve seen people rest their lives away from all the while they think nothing could have been done. I strongly agree to disagree because I’ve faith that God made us for a ‘purpose’. It’s ironic how we live our lives without seeing the bigger picture we will all fail, we will all be discouraged at times, believe me, I’ve been there but I’ve also seen that from the ashes of our failures new flowers will bloom. Youths of today must realise and understand their purpose that their purpose comes from God.


What is your next set of the platform?

I haven’t decided firmly on the next platform yet. But as of now, I’m planning to continue my studies and pursue my dream to become a successful woman in the near future.

I’m also planning to raise some more campaigns which I hope goes well and if God so is willing I’m considering presenting myself as a proud Naga in Fbb Colors Femina Miss India.


What is your definition of beauty in this generation?

My definition of beauty has always been and will always be simple ‘beauty’ nothing more nothing less. It doesn’t matter whatever you have a pretty face or not, a perfect figure or not, for beauty is always in us and we are all, just beautiful. The beauty inside us is just overshadowed by this world – people’s opinions and criticisms. What we fail to realise is that our ‘beauty’ is like candles that shine brighter in darkness. The only thing we need to do is ignite the wicks. Beauty may not be unique but it sure is special. It’s within all of us and when we ignited our wicks with enthusiasm, passion, love, determination, and courage we become visible to the world as ‘beautiful’.


How would you convince a person about beauty pageants?

I don’t know if I will be convincing enough to persuade them but I will definitely say ‘look at me’. I say to them to look at happiness I found, the timeless friends I have, the love I realised. I’ve gained so much I don’t think I can ever repay my whole life. I’m sure to tell them that they will find it worthwhile for it has been for me. Regardless of winning or not, I’m sure no one will regret the experiences you gain from such pageants which I believe are timeless.




What are the advocacies that you are into now?

I’m currently working on an anti-bullying campaign with my friend and she is also playing the role of “Miss Kohima 1st runner’s up 2019”.

I believe depression and anxiety is something we are battling every day of our lives. We carry our own share of worries and hardships, so why do we dominate, discriminate and offend our fellow friends who are all our brothers and sisters when we can help each other.

It’s not just the one being bullied but even the one bullying suffer, a voice deep inside. In my opinion, we all are just misguided seeking comfort where we can’t find. Hence, I believe through this campaign and our stories we can bring a change even though it’s a tiny ripple in the huge lake. I want to believe in hope rather than despair.


What was going through your mind when you were announced as the winner?

In all honesty, I was in a state of extreme restlessness. Constantly trying to distract me with other things but unable to get the question “What will be the outcome of the result?” out of mind.

In hope, anticipating the best but at the same time expecting the worst. Even the shortest words of greetings seemed like infinite time and I bet I lived the longest minute of life that very moment. “I tried my best, please please God” was my constant prayer while my heart was beating ba-dum ba-dum, with such audibility.

I was like “calm down my heart” but with each passing second, it would go faster making uncaring of my best efforts, until it stopped altogether for once, exactly at that moment I was announced “Miss Nagaland 2019”.

It all seemed pretty dramatic and I actually find it a bit difficult to believe I was beating no fast even today. I believe it goes to show how much it meant to me.


Message to the youths and readers

To my dear readers and fellow youths one word “LIVE”- live and you will see what life really is and you will see your dream come true, love and you will be able to say ‘ I’m glad I lived’. Trust me for I’ve seen hardships but I can gladly say I don’t regret ‘living’ for there will be the time you will be rewarded for sure.

The rain will clear someday and the sun will shine your way.

“Don’t give up and see yourself the beautiful things that have in store for you.”

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