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As the entire nation eagerly awaited the kick-off of the year-long celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October, Nagaland Gandhi Ashram and the citizen of Chuchuyimlang village also geared up to commemorate the occasion in their own modest way in their tiny village. On the occasion, the Chairman of the Village Council declared that 9th October, the birth anniversary of Padmashree Late Natwari Thakkar, founder of Nagaland Gandhi Ashram, would be commemorated every year as the Noble Deeds’ Day in fond memory and due reverence to his passion and commitment to serve the community following the footsteps of Gandhi.
Late Natwar Thakkar is one of those individuals whose entire life was dedicated towards bringing about emotional and national integration through voluntary services based on Gandhian teachings, when insurgency was at its peak in Nagaland. He never worked with the intention of achieving worldly gain, but silently served the people with the best of his ability. In the midst of heavy odds and constant resistance he faced many obstacles and many challenges. Awards, recognitions and fame came his way, but it never affected him personally and remained to be the same humble person. He proved by personal example, the great potential of voluntary service in generating goodwill through selfless service till his last breath. Nagaland Gandhi Ashram is no doubt an Ashram with a difference.

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