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There is a buzz around Guwahati, from the Assamese celebrities to the vibrant new bloggers everyone seems to be chanting the same mysterious mantra. It did get my ears up and my senses tinkling., and I had to get the mantra reveled. So, what better than the lady herself talks us through the mystery she has webbed that has everyone glued. The start to the Guwahati Lights section, with an extremely enriching and informative tete-a-tete with Dr. Debeshi Bhattacharjee, an MBBS, DALM, FAAM who is at present practicing as a Clinical Cosmetologist and Trichologist

6What is your brand all about?
Lueur Aesthetics is a one stop clinic, which is a first of its kind in Northeast. It is medically supervised where the concerns regarding skin, hair, laser, body and wellness is dealt with each day. It has the concept of a temple of beauty where beauty is created from the inside out. When I am saying one stop it means we provide grooming by medical supervision.

In today’s world where perfection is sought by everyone, do you think beauty standards have gone quite overboard?
The feel good factor is very important these days. I will not say people should run after perfection because perfection is an illusion but definitely you should follow certain things to maintain yourself. As I always say ‘Age is a fact of life for everyone but looking your age is not’. So start maintaining yourself as early as possible.

The range of work you deal with is quite impressive, how has the client base been?
I started from the scratch but the response and the love I got from people is just amazing. My work for awareness I guess helped me a lot. The best decision is to launch all the USFDA approved lasers, hydra-facial, coola in the northeast for the first time made people comfortable to get the best services in their own city. I believe when you do work with passion for hard work, it always catches the eye.

The brand has expanded. Share with us about the expansion everyone is talking about.
I am thankful to all my patients and followers for showing me so much love. I expanded only because of them. Deep inside I always believe Northeast deserves the best and I am still working hard to deliver that.

What are the common concerns your clients share? What could be the reason?
Pigmentation is the commonest concern because people are less aware about wearing sunscreen every day.

5The festival season is here. What shall be your go to skin and hair regime that our readers should follow for keeping the skin glowing and mane beautiful?
It’s pretty simple.
1. Double cleansing concept.
2. Before any festival you can go for hydra facial.
3. Make sure to use a good skin and hair serum.
4. Always remove the makeup properly.
5. Eat and Drink Healthy.

Winters shall be here (hopefully). Things that should be kept in mind during the dry winter spells.
Proper skin care routine
Oxygenation & Hydration on the skin.
Must apply foot cream at night.
Proper moisturarisation of the body.
Proper hair care as well.
Hence, the buzz was for the right reason and the people of Northeast should be delighted to have such a clinic in our region, which can address our issues regarding our skin, hair, body and wellness together. The Founder of L’ueur Aesthetic has definitely earned herself a client after this interview, I am sure many more will follow suit after reading about it.

L’ueur Aesthetics

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