Youth: The Inheritor of a Progressive Society

The issues facing youth are far much different from issues of youth in the past. Gone are the days when everyone could walk freely into employment. Youth face their fair share of challenges. Whether these challenges are in education or employment, they are highly important and need to be addressed. Young generation is one of the key pillars for advancing a development process mechanism towards achieving equality.  There are number of underlying and undressed issues that continue to threaten the well-being of today’s and tomorrow’s society which rests upon the wellness of today’s youth. Young people plan creative and innovative ways to build peace in a society. However when young people are sidelined, a whole economy can suffer. Identifying and prioritizing the key issues facing youth could therefore provide the road map towards youth sustainability.  Youth are filled with tremendous energy and towering ambitions. Access to quality training and developing skills relevant to the labour market play a key role in finding solutions for youth employment. Culturally, the youth are the inheritors of the society heritage and custom. Therefore, if the skill of this agile population is positively harnessed, a society can be said to be on the path to progress because there is a definite link between the prosperity of a society and its youth development systems. Through their creative talents and labour power, a society can make huge tread in economic development and socio-political attainments.

From a humble beginning as an English Fortnightly Magazine, The Northeast Window is completing 15 years in 9th August 2019. It was on this day in 2004 that the magazine was launched at a simple function at Hotel Saramati through the hands of the then Governor of Nagaland, Shri Shyamal Datta. Conceived with the motto “We Strive to inform”, the magazine has evolved with the times, attempting all along to live up to its stated mission – to highlight the positive aspects of the North east region of India. On this occasion, we pay immense tribute to its Founder-Editor, Late Yanger Thakkar, a maverick journalist, who always maintained that enough has been propagated about all the bad things about the region, be it militancy, backwardness, corruption et al.  In our modest way, we believe that we have done justice to our mission by way of bridging the information asymmetry not only between the region and the rest of the country, but between the states of the region. It is a time to celebrate, to introspect, to consolidate and to plan for its future. Seeing that the technology has grown so quickly in such a short span of time, it can be quite challenging to prove that printed content can be still be relevant in a digital environment. We have seen our readership grow over the years, and we believe with much optimism that our editorial content inspire and please our readers. The family of The Northeast Window wishes keen and happy reading.


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