Rachel: No Job is a “Small Job” As Long As You Are Working Hard

Twenty four year old Rachel was always the sort of person who leaned more into the creative aspects. She knew since young age that she wanted to work in a field that would constantly require creativity and wanted a job that was dynamic, constantly changing where everyday would be something new, exciting, and unpredictable. For someone who top among the class as a degree holder in Business Administration would love to pursue for further studies, however after graduating from St. Anthony’s College Shillong, Meghalaya, Rachel had a different vision. She knows that her heart was in the beauty industry. She has love for makeup and was already freelancing in college. Thus armed with the knowledge she gained from the degree course, she headed to start up her own.
Hence with support from her family and close friends, set out for Advance Makeup Artistry and Advance Hair Styling course from Lakme Academy, Kolkata. Then in the year 2018, she established “The Beauty Bar By Rachel Anne,” a beauty studio that is specifically designed to give each and every client that walks in, individual attention to cater their beauty related needs, such as hair, makeup and other such services. Today she proudly says that, “I’ve finally made my dream to have my own beauty studio a reality.”

rachel13What inspired you to choose this profession?
Growing up I loved painting, as my grandpa was an amazing artist. I was inspired by him to paint a lot. But as I grew up, I discovered YouTube and eventually started watching makeup tutorials. I was so fascinated by how one can basically transform their face just using makeup; I decided to give it a shot and began practicing. Bit by bit my skill improved and decided to make my own makeup tutorial on YouTube. As far as my knowledge goes, I couldn’t find anyone making makeup videos from Shillong. By word of mouth and especially with the help of my channel and Instagram, people began to appoint me to do their makeup. I was in college at this point and I found that it was a good way to earn some pocket money. Little did I know that more and more people would want me to do their makeup for them. So after my graduation I decided to get professional training and get certification in both hair and makeup so that I can set up my own beauty studio here in Shillong. After the training in makeup, I developed a love for hair as well. I love experimenting with new hair colors, and styles and I love how I can change a person’s entire look with just hair. I personally think that hair is very important. If you are having a good hair day, your day tends to become good as well. It just gives you that extra “umph” of confidence to get you throughout the day.

Your opinion about Beauty
Beauty is a very subjective term, because what one person think is beautiful may not agree with that by another. So, beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. As for me, beauty is confidence; beauty is truly embracing yourself to be flawless and everything. Beauty is kindness; kindness does not mean kind only to other people but also being kind to you too. I think many of us, especially through social media, where we are constantly flooded with pictures of men and women who are “perfect”, we get caught up and tend to compare ourselves with them. So I think it is very important to be kind to yourself, to stop comparing yourself with other people and just be who you are, because who you are is perfect, and that’s truly beautiful.

What makes a person feel more beautiful with or without make-up?
I personally think that makeup should be used as a tool to simply enhance the beauty that you already have. I look at makeup as a fun thing to create new looks and emphasize on features of the face that I think are the best. I think that the eyes are the windows to your soul, so I love focusing my makeup on the eyes.
On the other end, I think that you should also feel confident without makeup. I can guarantee that every human being has something or another that they are insecure of. Nobody is perfect, so we should learn to love the face that is given to us and we should feel proud of it. Use makeup as a fun tool to play with, not as a mask to hide behind.


Some tips for hair care and product you would suggest
1. Never wash your hair every day, because your hairs secrete natural oils that keep it healthy. Washing it daily strips off this oil from your hair and hence your hairs will secrete more oil to compensate, and you end up with more greasy damaged hair. I would recommend washing your hair maximum three times a week.
2. Oil your hair at least once a week, you don’t have to use too much, about three to four table spoons of oil will do. I use Olive oil mixed with a bit of mustard oil. Concentrate on your roots first, and then pull the oil through your hair after. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and shampoo hair after! Ta-da! Soft shiny hair!
3. Don’t use coconut oil in winter or on cold days! Coconut oil hardens in cold temperature and therefore applying it in winter will clog up your hair and your scalp and will be a nightmare to get it out which will lead to dandruff.

Tips for healthy skin and skin care products you would suggest or recommend
First of all, my tips for maintaining good skin is to always make sure to use good quality makeup, if you use any. Never ever use fake makeup, especially here in India, fake makeup is so widely available at a fraction of the cost of the original. Trust me, it is not worth the risk. Secondly, always make sure to clean your face properly at the end of the day. If you use waterproof makeup, make sure to use an oil based cleanser to fully remove the makeup from your face. Lastly, I would suggest SUNSCREEN! I can’t stress this enough. Being from a hill station like Shillong, the UV rays up here are very strong and it is extremely damaging to the skin and would lead to pigmentation. So never ever go without sunscreen even if it’s cloudy and even if you do not live in a hill station, never forget your sunscreen.

rachel1Advantages of Salon Treatment
When you go to a salon, you get professional care. Professional makeup artist and hairstylists actually have study in depth about various procedures and products and are trained to give the clients exactly what they came in for. They are equipped with the knowledge to fix anything if something goes wrong during any procedure, especially procedures that involve harsh chemicals that may damage the hair or skin or may cause any harm to the client. I would always recommend to go to a professional.

An advice to teenage girl having an acne problem
I would tell her that she shouldn’t stress too much about it. It is probably hormonal and it is a part of growing up and change, and change is a good thing. I would reassure her that things will get better and that with time and patience it will eventually go away, and if not she can always go to a dermatologist to get a cure for it, therefore she shouldn’t stress too much about it. It is very common among adolescence so there is nothing to feel embarrassed or shy about.

Message to the youths of Northeast
My message for the youths of Northeast would be to not give up on your dreams. It sounds cheesy and it has been said many times over and over, but honestly, if there is something you truly want to do, find out means and ways to do it and work hard towards that goal. Set small goals for yourself that would lead you to your ultimate goal, and work hard to achieve them. Take your time and don’t stress yourself out too much. No job is a “small job”, as long as you are working hard and making an honest living, that should be good enough. Through hard work, faith and dedication, anything is possible. The sky is the limit.

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