The Platform: 7th Annual Fashion Runway Show 2019

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Many do not know why fashion shows happen or what the impact of the fashion show is. Fashion design is not just about cutting and sewing, it is a very artistic and also a technology department. Fashion is all about self-expression and using such platforms like runway shows are perfect for creating awareness on issues that resonate with designers that they hope to convey to their brand. A designer’s work only gets recognition through fashion shows. In the world of fashion and modeling, fashion shows are of extraordinary importance. Young and new designers get an opportunity to display their work. Fashion shows are a platform for designers to express their creativity and the best opportunity to display their marvelous work on the stage. Their popularity has risen rapidly, becoming one of the leading events in the world of fashion.
These days fashion design education sector is booming and is considered as one of the most exciting and challenging career options. Fashion as a career opportunity has grown leading to young people to pursue fashion education. Trained and mentored by accomplished faculty, it offers degree options that span the entire fashion career spectrum. It acts as a tool for universities and colleges to improve their education offerings.




The Department of fashion technology under The Global Open University, Nagaland was officially inaugurated on the 4th November 2009 with the purpose to enable and equip the present generation to compete in the global economy. The main focus is to prepare the students by helping them utilize their creativity which will in turn enable them to apply their natural talents in day to day life. The vision for these course is to empower young passionate and talented youth by honing their creativity, channeling it thereby, turning them into focused citizens in solving the present unemployment crises.
The department thus presented the graduating students to showcase their own unique creation under the theme- Ethnic Exuberance in its 7th annual fashion runway show 2019 at Don Bosco Institute for Development & Leadership Dimapur on 13th June 2019. The fashion show was graced by Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur Shri Kevekha Kevin Zehol as Chief Guest and Dr. V. Sivakkumar Deputy Director (processing) weavers service Centre, Government of India, Ministry of Textiles as the Guest of Honour. Others present at the Fashion show were director and registrar Dr Imotemsu, faculty, special invitees and the Judges Kavi Kiba (fashion designer) Regina Chakrünuo (Faculty and Head of Department of Fashion technology (TGOU) and Zhokhoi Chuzho (Bollywood fame actor from Nagaland).
The graduated designers showcased their collections with their respective theme such as Immersed, Regalia, Tongnusen, Identity Reflection, Majestatem, Ethniscent and Autochthonic. The show was certainly a remarkable event.
Event co-ordinator- Rosou Rhi, Assistant coordinator- Imtisashi Jamir, Photographer-Tiameren Ao (Changkiri’s photography), Artist- Tssunglamo Murry, Host- Athe Rhi, Make-up Artist- Dukru’s salon & Academy, Hair stylist-Cutz n Glitz, Magazine Partner- The Northeast Window.

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