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One may probably not want to listen to a person speaking the same thing over and over. However when we listen to music, we are not only tuning in with our ears, but our hearts and minds and souls. It impacts us in ways that other sounds don’t. Everyone has their favorite song with amazing lyrics and even a good rhythm that can always mean so much to us. Music is the universal language that can be understood by everyone. Music is always evolving and changing with the times to stay modern, which results in new music variations. Music is a natural tool.

Here is one such emerging talent singer, songwriter from Dimapur, Nagaland whose Youtube video cover “remember us this way” from A Star is Born movie went viral and is making a lead to stardom with his cool voice and personality, let’s get to know him better!
Twenty years old KL Pamei is pursuing his studies along with his music lessons. He loves experimenting and freelancing, who also is a big time foodie as revealed by him.

What inspired you to sing?
I’ve been singing for as long as I could remember. Many people and their work of art inspired me. However, if I have to mention one major factor that led me to take this step, then I would say it was my own passion and interest which inspired me to keep singing and to have bigger dreams.

Who Is your Idol?
A role model to me is someone who is always positive, confident, who believes in themselves, who inspires many people, who always strive for bigger and better objectives. A person who has a big heart to help and lift others, to invest in what they believe in! My role Model is Johnny Ruangmei.

Any plans on making an album anytime soon?
Hopefully by this year sooner or later I’ll start my debut album project for which I’m very excited! Stay tune.

Your cover in youtube have been viral, tell us about it?
It was just another day in my room, I was watching “A star is born” and I fell in love with the song “remember us this way”, so I just thought of giving it a try, went to my keyboard, played some chords, recorded a demo and in the process I got so into it that I ended up making a cover of this song. I’m happy for the results and so blessed by the appreciations from my well wishers.

Do you like K-Pop music? How is it influencing the musicians here so far?
I’m not really into k-pop music, but I love Korean songs. “Bogoshipda by Kim Bum Soo”,” My love by Lee JongHyun” are some of my favorite (You should probably check it out).
According to me, Korean Fashion and k pop dance has really influence the young generation, however when it comes to music and the musicians here in Nagaland, I guess not yet, perhaps it might “50 – 50”

What’s your message to the youths?
Nobody runs without first learning to crawl, as nothing in life comes easy which has the greatest amount worth. Whatever you do in life, strive to be the best in it and never settle for less.

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