Martha Kirha: Follow Your Dreams, Make a Right Decision and Listen to Your Heart and Intuition

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martAs business entrepreneur as well as CEO of Salonblue, Martha Kirha is a successful hairstylist and a cosmetologist who mostly works as part of her profession in appointment and enjoy every day to the fullest satisfaction of her customers and clients. She does not appraise her success in the rising client list but the contentment she gets when her client feel with elation when they see themselves in the mirror. According to Martha, “make up evens skin tone which makes a person look attractive and more confident. A person can look beautiful without make up by having glowing skin which can achieve by having healthy lifestyle.” To her, “beauty is what you like about yourself, others and things. Beauty comes from within having good character and kind heart”
Since childhood Martha had keen interest in fashion and beauty. She used to do hair braids on her mum and sister’s hair which became a part of her hobby. “I’ve also done a bridal hairdo and make up for my cousins even before I become a hairdresser. My passion towards beauty was beyond. I found the area of beauty industry particularly interesting because it helps me develop my skill and creativity. Being a stylish you get to express yourself by beautifying other people.” she said.
After being trained in Hair and beauty Academy Bangalore, she took advance hair training in ASK Academy London(UK), ASK Academy Singapore, Master Hair training in Paris, Full face Semi Permanent Make-up from Bangkok Beauty Academy Thailand and was certified trained provided by Evie the Korean Stayve Mesotherapy treatment and subsequently Plasma Fibroblast in Sydney. After completing the series of courses and with her portfolio, professional commendations and certificates in hand she returned to Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland and established the Salonblue in the year 2008 and after that Spa in 2012. At present Salonblue has upgraded with trained staffs in different fields like hairdresser, make artist, nail technician, spa therapists, beauticians and laser technician. One of the coolest aspects of the beauty world is that it is always changing and growing, which means there is always something to learn.
Salonblue have got two branches, one in Old Minister’s hill Kohima and the other one in 5th Mile Dimapur.

Some tips for hair care and the product you would suggest
Wash hair with lukewarm water, it is very important to shampoo hair because it helps to clean your scalp and condition correctly and after care use hair serum to give shine.
I suggest Schwarzkopf products as it has got all the essentials ingredients.

Advantages of Spa treatment
Spa is a fantastic way to relax, it helps with anti -aging, promote a better sleep. Spa also support weight loss and relieve pain in body.Spa improves blood flow and circulation.




Tips for healthy skin and skin care products you would suggest or recommend
To have healthy skin protect yourself from direct sunlight, treat your skin gently and eat a healthy diet .I recommend Nu skin products.For every day skin care daily cleansing ,toning and moisturising and always use sunscreen to protect from UV light.

An advice to teenage girl having an acne problem
I advice young girl with acne to gently wash face twice a day using clean and clear essential oil -free, use toner and sunscreen also avoid squeezing acne and stay hydrated

A message to the youths of Northeast
My message to the youths of northeast is follow your dreams, make a right decision and listen to your heart and intuition.

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