CHUNGCHUNG LAGUYPA: Beauty and Wellness is always a learning experiences

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A resident of Pakyong, East Sikkim, Chungchung Laguypa is a proud single parent of a daughter who is a professional in hair, beauty and also in makeup. She owns Sowang Salon and Spa that was established in the year 2016 after completing the courses in Expertise in Hair colouring from L’Oréal Professional ( absolute route to hair dressing diploma ) , Skin expert from 03+ and also Dermal Therapist from peel expert. “Beauty and Wellness will always be a learning experience and would love to take more opportunity to train myself in advance technology.” She said
According to her “Salon treatment is not just about rectifying the odds that one finds in their hair or skin but also getting pampered and seeing the result at the earliest ..” Apart from hotel spa, Sowang Salon and Spa gives the best services to the clients.

Some tips for hair care and product you would suggest
First of all, I would suggest is that one should always take care and maintain by shampooing and conditioning the hair as homecare treatment and also visit salon at least twice a month for hair spa and treatment, specially for frizzy and damaged hair.
The product which I suggest depends on the individual’s quality of hair. We suggest different kind of treatment looking at the client’s hair texture hair. There are many good treatment which has come up for frizzy, damaged and coloured hair.

Tips for healthy skin and skin care
product you would suggest or
Stay hydrated and apply sunscreen and moisturiser during day time.
For ladies, kindly remove the makeup before going to bed and and follow CTM .. cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

What makes a person more beautiful with or without make up?
Make up is just the touch up to look more glamorous .Person is always beautiful with or without makeup.

An advice to teenagers having an acne problem
Drinking plenty of water, taking proper sleep and food is the natural remedy.

Your opinion about beauty
To me, stress free life, healthy skin, proper diet, proper sleep and staying fit defines beauty.

Your message to the youths of northeast
Pamper yourself for your beauty, stay hydrated, stay fit and off course be beautiful inside out. Give your best ability for the betterment of our society.

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