Aesthetic Approach to Personal Care

We all love fashion and if we look around, almost every corner has a beauty salon of some kind. Today’s beauty professional is a member of the ever-expanding, ever-changing, ever-fascinating beauty industry. Spa services are a rapidly growing segment of the personal care industry. People go to any extend to preserve the youthful beauty of their skin and as a consequence we witness skin care industry growing dramatically as the demand is extremely high. Hairdressing is an industry that is significantly all about making people look and feel great. There is a high demand for hairdressers and barbers with the right mix of technical skills, artistic sense. There are various sectors that one can move into within the hair, beauty and aesthetic sectors. If one is innovative and ambitious, there is no limit to its potential.
The birth centenary of Shakuntala Choudhary was celebrated by the Gandhian fraternity across the region. The eminent Gandhian, despite the age related restrictions, is very much in good health and stays at the Kasturba Gandhi Ashram at Sarania in Guwahati.

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