Sristi Pariyar: A dancing Queen from Gangtok Sikkim

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A dreamer who has never let obstacles hinder her progress! Sristi Pariyar a dancing Queen from Gangtok Sikkim, a person who is determined and truly hardworking and a mentor an inspiration for many!


Tell us something about yourself?

– A woman must not accept, she must challenge. Well I am a struggler, a day dreamer, believer, passionate, energetic and the one who believe in an action rather than words. I am Sristi Pariyar hailing from Gangtok, Sikkim. At a very early age I started  getting instinct of the power and talent ,I had been blessed with, since the day I realized my talent I started believing more, working harder  to get closer to my dream. I think it is my effort that has given me this place where I stand today.


How was your childhood like?

– My childhood is a part of my story, and that’s what makes me who I am today!

Most of the people have fond memories of childhood unlike me, but I can say though mine was very tough one I never gave up and remained confident, the difficulties that I faced made me more determined to achieve and win against all odds. Believe me! I have seen the darkest days of my life during my childhood. Here I would like to elaborate the term “darkest days”….

19It started normally when I was a small girl I used to go to school like any normal girl, being very energetic it made me a good athlete. I enjoyed exploring to new sports and learned all that I could. As years went by a traumatizing moment of my life happened when my father became ailing patient of asthma attacks. It is still hard for me to believe that my entire family world went upside down. All our hopes and dreams were shattered; we would only see the darkest sides of our lives. Difficulties grew deeper! We broke down emotionally, physically, mentally and financially, we lost hope, seeing my father lie down miserably fighting against death and my mother struggling to earn money by slogging doing labour-work, I couldn’t hold myself back, the turning point of my life was when I was thirteen  I started helping my mother to do the labour work during school holidays and earned money for the school fees and books for us which was very tiring and difficult as a kid. I know a lot of you can relate to my life!


Where have you done your studies?

– I did schooling from Ranipool senior secondary school and Enchey senior secondary school. And I’ve completed my BBA diploma from Flying cats Annamalai university Kolkata.


20What inspire you to dance?

– Before I became a Dancer I was a singer, I had won many titles through my singing! Unfortunately one day when I had dal (pulses) there was a piece of bottle in the dal which stuck inside my throat, because of that I lost my voice for the year, I was totally depressed and felt as the most unlucky person in the world but dancing was my childhood passion too and even my friends were encouraging.

I was always dominated , discriminated and rejected because of  my face, skin colour and life style so I never got chance to showcase my dancing talent but one day I went to my friends dance class at “Hamro Pariwar ” the choreographer insist me to show case my dancing talent so I showed him

Suddenly he stopped the music and he stood on his feet clapping for me and said “no one can beat you on dancing you have every single quality which a Dancer needs” his words really inspired me to dance.


How has dance changed your life?

– Dance had given me wings to fly, now I’ve become a known personality in my state, back then I was a simple girl who was doing a labour work for her family and I was the only hope for my family, but through my dancing I became a hope for every single Dancer of Sikkim . Dance changed my lifestyle and I became more dedicated, passionate and a very hard-working person as I always wanted too.


How many show have you performed so far?

– I had the greatest  pleasure of showcasing my talent in many show in and out of the state, I’ve tried in national level dancing competitions like (dance India dance, dance plus, India’s got talent ) I was the finalists of Bhawagani open dance competition Darjeeling, Winner of Dance to win. Performed in Sikkim biggest dancing reality show “Sikkim’s Dancing Icon ” in front of Sir Dharmesh Yalande (bollywood actor/movie director/choreographer)


What’s your latest work?

– Choreographer of Creative illusion dexterity studio (CID STUDIO)

Event Head at Sikkim biggest dancing reality show “Sikkim dancing icon”

Choreographed the Nepali song sung by Nepalese renowned singer Miss Melina Rai and Raju Dangal (the first person from Sikkim to choreograph in Nepali industry) and one of the team member of Siana Glam world presents Glam Miss Sikkim and Miss Teen Sikkim, Working as assistant director at Silk Route pictures with CEO Sir Sabin Tamang.


218.Tell us something about your dancing academy, what are the facilities you provide?

-My academy is Creative illusion dexterity studio; it is located in RANIPOOL an 11km ride from Gangtok our state capital Sikkim. The academy was founded on 29th July 2016. We are about to complete three years, our team and I had worked so hard to bring our academy so far, today our academy is counted as  one of the best academy in our state. Most of the students had represented our state in different part of India. The facilities we provide are as follows:-

-10% discount in every new admissions

– If there is more than one new admission from a same family we take only the fee of one student.

-we have scholarship facility under the name of uwhjal nritya jeewan

-we give a free video shoot for each students

– grooming classes


Message to aspiring Dancers?

– Dance is to express yourself, dancing have a power to make people understand easily never stop believing in your dreams, believe in yourself and yes you can do it, never underestimate others, Respect your talent and respect others talent too. If you believe you can definitely win the world. Keep hoping keep dreaming and never stop your hard work.


Message to the youth of North East.

– We are from the northeastern part of India and most of the time we are neglected by other parts of our country; I know we have less opportunity as compared to other parts of the nation. But believe me we have much more potential then we think, we are born with super power. And there is nothing word called “impossible” if there is no opportunities let’s create the thousand opportunity for the upcoming generation who is hoping for better tomorrow. Let us not depend on our government we must be the hope for our government, our society, our upcoming generation. Let’s get addicted for to create thousands of opportunities and we can do it because impossible itself is possible. Take risk, see the failure and never stop fighting and atleast be the winner of what you stand for.

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