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Each and every day somebody or the other is usually saying something about the environment, whether it about climate changes, waste pollution, lack of civic sense or lack of municipal initiatives in cleaning thrives etc. Indeed the environmental degradation poses a great danger to man’s own survival. It is degrading at a much faster pace than our imagination and most of this mess is caused by human activities. Environmental management is a crucial topic. Global warming, air and water pollution, overuse of fertilisers, the negative implication of use of plastics and polythene, conservation of energy and fuel resources is the responsibility of everyone. Some of the major problems facing today are due to negligence and lack of civic sense, ongoing menace of solid waste management and lack of proper drainage. As a citizen, we can each play a part in stopping the negative global impacts. One should not forget that the relationship between men and nature is interdependent. However despite the existence of high public concern on environment and taking pro-environmental actions are still difficult for most of the people. Few people are concerned and willing to take actions in participating in the environmental activities. Every individual must be prepared for saving the environment. It must be a continuous and a lifelong process. Local residents and authority are expected to work together in protecting the environment. Every little bit that we save adds up with our collective efforts, we could pick up well enough momentum to save the Earth. Let us foster a sense of connection to the Natural World.

The most popular festival among the Ao tribe of Nagaland- “Moatsu” was celebrated with traditional pomp and gaiety at Chuchuyimlang from 1st to 3rd May 2019. The spring festival which is celebrated every year during the first week of May immediately after the sowing of seeds are done in the jhum fields is an event seeking the blessings of god for a bumper harvest. In an attempt to preserve this fast disappearing festival, the government of Nagaland has designated Chuchuyimlang as the Moatsu destination where tourists throng to partake in the festivities.

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