Environmental Issues: A Major Concern

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We hear about “the environment” nearly every day. Environmental problems are becoming increasingly serious in the world. Environmental degradation threatens all development endeavours. Deterioration in the overall environmental conditions has become the major concern. Major environmental issues include climate changes, pollution, environmental degradation and resources depletion and these are the result of harmful effects of human activities. Many environmental problems and their consequences are as a result of ignorance. Although environmental concerns are increasingly reflected in policies, public awareness of environmental issues and individual responsibilities are poor in both urban and individual societies.
Despite the existence of high public concern on environment and taking pro-environmental actions are still difficult for most of people. Due to societal shifts, young or old are busy using electronic gadgets. They spend most of their time in watching television, listening to music, playing video games or surfing Internet or using computer. They have no time to explore the nature around them. It is easy to throw something in a trash can. We don’t usually think about our local landfills unless complaining about the smell when we drive by them. Most people believe that environmental protection should be the major governmental priority. Instead of criticizing the authorities for the garbage, mess and the pollution around our surroundings and environment, we ourselves should make changes around our own environment. However it is we who create the mess and thus it is our duty to clean our own mess. A small and simple habit of putting waste from direct use to a dustbin can be an immense act of help for us and authority that we blame for the ess around us.
There are increasing needs for public participation due to the recent change in sources of environmental problems. A lack of historical involvement of communities in decision making reluctance within government to drive forward more inclusive environmental governance approaches, and a lack of non-governmental organizations focusing on environmental conservation, has resulted in slow progress towards more inclusive environmental governance. Public environmental awareness is a primary concern of the future of humanity. It is one of the most important indicators for representing national civilization. It reflects many aspects of environmental situations, such as people’s knowledge, behaviors, and individuals’ attitude towards sustainable society. It requires our own individual response of action which can be translated into a community act to pull off the garbage and the horrifying pollution level around us.
Our existence depends on the environment we have. Even then, our developments are going against nature and environment. In general, people obtain two kinds of knowledge, descriptive and procedural. However most of environmental information belongs to the descriptive type of knowledge but not the procedural one such wastes that could be recycled or how could be collected to be recycled. A lot of items that can be recycled or donated still get thrown away because it’s more convenient for people to stick stuff in the trash than to try to recycle it. Making the effort to make this change can significantly reduce our impact on the earth’s environment in terms of waste. Environmental pollution cannot be prevented by laws alone. Public participation is equally important with regard to environmental protection.
Fighting for a healthy world is for the future generation. Civil society and solutions for institutionalising participation across all levels of governance are needed to reorient environmental governance towards a more inclusive and multi-stakeholder approach that better links economic, social and environmental objectives.
Therefore as a responsible citizen each one of us should have a moral duty to protect our environment, for without environment, life itself is not possible. As a citizen, each individual can play a part in stopping the negative global impacts. Unless environmental issues are not solved and not taken care of, then the coming generations may find earth worth not living.

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