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7The environment is a primary concern but not an afterthought. It provides man with nourishment and energy. All goods, services and human health conditions connect with the environment and its quality. However the undeniable truth is that we continue to do great damage, and that we have not learned how to grow our economy without harming nature. Since the industrial revolution, the world’s population has increased exponentially, and with the population growth, the environment has been profoundly affected. Controlling pollution and maintaining a clean and healthy environment has become crucial.

People must take immediate action. But who are the people who can bring about change? When it comes to being an environmentally and socially responsible citizen, we may find ourselves trying to help the environment to revolutionize. A desire for a clean environment represents a powerful sense of destiny and hope for the future. If we want our environment to change, we can start with ourselves. Putting time and energy into social responsibility feels good. Volunteering is a great way to improve the society around us. We must build our own environment.

8Today’s talk is all about “green;” that determine our health and quality of life that we, as humans, can adversely affect and alter by our activities if wastes are not managed properly. Thus feeling the need to change the landscape of Dimapur by converging the filth and dirt with cleaner, healthier and greener aesthetics, Shri Moa Sangtam, CEO, Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) took the initiative in motivating some professional mothers to come together with the primary objective of giving greenery within Dimapur city. This culminated in evolving the Team Green.

Team Green Dimapur has been in existence since summer of 2016. Members predominantly comprise working individuals who have committed to do their bit for the society, giving time beyond professional responsibilities. As the name suggest, the primary objective of this team is to increase the green cover in the commercial capital of Nagaland. A part of the Better Dimapur initiative under the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) which aims for a cleaner, greener and healthier Dimapur.
Team Green members have been busy cleaning areas and planting saplings in and around the main areas of the city in an effort to increase the green cover and aesthetic appeal of Dimapur. Time for work often include non working weekends or wee hours of working days, before the traffic and rush start for most commuters. Another project under A Better Dimapur that Team Green has been involved with includes the transformation of dumping sites to places of leisure and aesthetic delight. Spots that have transformed include sitting areas outside the Ramakrishna Missionn and outside the Administrative Quarters at Supply Colony and also a site at Deluxe Point. Plantations sites are being maintained on a regular basis. The thrust of Team Green is to encourage positive community participation in public initiatives for sustainability of project and to take small steps towards the greater good of the environment and society.

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