Shova Rai (Entrepreneur)

Shova Rai a lady who has proven that there is no substitute for hard-work and absolutely no age bar to try something new.  She used to sing at reputed hotels in Bombay to pay for the training of hair styling course fee. She worked hard in Bombay, getting barely 2-3 hours of sleep everyday as she juggled her time between classes and the job. She came to Gangtok, and started supplying lunch to government offices at the age of 19. Then she finally decided to launch ‘The Cutting Edge’ hair salon at New Market in Gangtok which is a famous salon. She again launched a fashion garments store on the flyover leading to Lal Bazaar.
Beside professional hair stylist, Shova Rai is former Miss Sikkim (first runner-up, 1999) a singer, actor, business women and a mother. She was hardly 18 when she got married with a very good man, who supported her in every way for her success and who took care of a child when she was in Bombay. She has also appeared in Sikkim’s famous ‘Jahan bagcha Teesta Rangit’ video. She also appeared in the music video of Uday Satong and Manila Satong . She has now reached a comfortable and secure phase of her life after struggling a lot. She is now self independent, running her business and acting for various videos with giving enough time to her family. She says – “We must believe in hard work. Hardwork always pays back.”


Tell us something about yourself?

I am passionate about Cooking, painting, baking, hair design, interior design; I was very ambitious since childhood I was into sports and dance. I was by nature a calm and silent person. I like interacting with new people with healthy conversation. I don’t like to waste my precious time. For me time is very important, I would love to be groomed and stylish.


7You are a successful pageant winner who has made a niche on the beauty industry tell us about your journey? How was your pageant like those years and can you tell us the difference in today’s pageant?

It was unplanned, initially I was helping the organizers but my friends suggested me to participate so I tried and I bagged the Miss Sikkim 1st runner up ‘and miss personality. It was very tough for us during those days as we had to manage everything by ourselves costumes etc and we did not had sponsors at that time so we did it by ourselves. Pageant journey was really wonderful experience for me. With time pageant industry has grown drastically, it had been given more importance, so for today’s generation I will not say it is easy but as compared to our times the participants are given support from the society, families and encouragement to do further also they get sponsor.


You are doing a lot of charitable works enlighten us!

The reason behind my charity is for my eternal happiness. Growing up in a middle class family I didn’t had a lot of opportunity to enjoy and live a lavish. Though I cannot give much to people but whatever charity I do. I hope it will make those people happy even it is for a day. As I don’t believe in Puja, my core is kindness so I believe everything should be done in kindness. I believe in “karma”


How is Entrepreneurship helping the youths of Sikkim?
Well first off all the youth of Sikkim are making way for employment through entrepreneurship. With their talents, Sikkim is a small state with 6 lakh population. We have a small market 80% people are from middle class families. But even in this small state the youth of Sikkim has started business in various different ways, and with time I believe it will get even better, and I just started my designed customized cloths for healthy people, using brand fabrics, and soon going to start manufacturing biodegradable water soluble carry bag and eco friendly bag it’s a small contribution for society.

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