Modern Motherhood

Through this Mothers’ Day special, The Northeast Window salutes the spirit of all working mothers who broke barriers and carved a position for themselves.

There are untold challenges and problems faced by housewives both at home and workplace. Notwithstanding all of it, there are uncountable housewives who have made it to the top with story of struggles, harassment, discrimination, denials and hurdles; there are many examples of bravery and determination. Many housewives have fought back and took it upon themselves to alter their stories and these stories inspire us all to bring about a change in life.

Housewives have been playing vital roles in households since ages.The fascinating career paths of successful working mothers may seem rare exceptions.Every day there are new hurdles and challenges thrown at them.But many remarkable stories of working mothers have proved that it is possible for one person with a big idea to change the world.There are a great number of people who still think that a good mother is one who gives up work to stay home with her children. However along with motherhood, work adds to the completeness of being a woman.It is important for women to overcome the feeling of being a symbol and get back into the workforce. The working mother represents modern womanhood.

Glamour Industry, especially the Film Industry in the region is fast gaining popularity and it has generated a great deal of interest across the country and beyond. The grand manner in which the 6th Edition of Arunachal Film Festival which was recently held in the state capital, Itanagar is a testimony to this fact. Clubbed with the Festival, the 1st Arunachal Film Award Function was also held rendering the much-deserved recognition to a number of artists and other personalities who have contributed to the industry. The region has a comparative advantage in the Industry and possesses tremendous potentials because of its unique features and cultural mosaic that catalyses its growth, local talents, a gamut of themes to choose from and the picturesque locales being some of the enabling factors.



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