Dibrugarh old age home doing yeomen service

Avik Chakraborty

Pujashree Old Age Home situated 5 km from Dibrugarh town is doing a yeomen service for the elderly people who are neglected by their own children. Pujashree has a 20-bedded capacity  situated in the middle of the lush green tea garden of Lekai Thakurthan under Khonikor Gaon panchayat of Lahowal.

In 2018, Pujashree old-age home was open to give shelter to the elderly people who were neglected by their children’s.

Two small tea growers Girin Gogoi and Devajani Gogoi have opened the old age home at Lekai Thakurthan for giving shelter to the senior citizens.

“We have seen that the senior citizens are often neglected by their own children’s. Therefore, we have decided to open the old age home which will provide shelter to the elderly persons,” said Devajani Gogoi, president of Pujashree ashram.

She added, “Our road condition is pathetic and during monsoon it has become a challenge to cross the muddy road. We have urged Lahowal MLA Rituparna Baruah to construct the road but he has done nothing to construct the muddy road. If any emergency happens then it will be tough for us to provide medical facilities to the elderly persons,”.

“We urged the department concerned to construct the road because it is matter of senior citizens. During emergency time it is become tough for us to provide medical faclities to them,” said Girin Gogoi, Secretary of Pujashree ashram.

Senior Congress leader Prithibi Maji has been elected several times from the Lahowal constituency has done nothing to construct the roads.

“Why the roads has been neglected for decades. Despite several pleas to the Lahowal MLA he didn’t prioritized the issue,” alleged Devajani.

She added, “Now five elderly persons are living at the Pujashree ashram and we are providing every facilities to them. Sometimes some of them become serious and it is very difficult for us to go for medical faclities due to bad condition of roads,”.

“The condition of the road gets worst during the rainy season. We cannot go through the road because of the muddy and have to face difficulty. This time we will cast our vote for development. We don’t know who will become the next MP from Dibrugarh seat but we urge him to construct our road which has been neglected,”  Binita Tasa, an inmate of Pujashree Old age home said. She said the representatives from political parties come to us during the election but after the election is over didn’t bother to fulfill their promises.


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