6th Arunachal Film Festival – cum 1st Arunachal State Film Award 2019 organized by Film Federation of Arunachal (FFA)

The 6th edition of Arunachal Pradesh Film Festival 2019 took place on 20th and 21st of April at Dree Ground, Itanagar under the aegis of Film Federation of Arunachal (FFA) in collaboration with Department of IPR, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.

This year culmination saw the highest number of audience who came to support the local producers, directors, cinematographer, actors, film-makers etc.  In the two days festival there were screening of short-films, documentary and feature films.

In the opening of the festival Shri- Obang Tayeng Director IP & R, Govt. AP welcomed the guest, followed by screening of Award Winning Short Film Daughter of Nepal Directed & Produced Surbhi Dewan; Dobara Alvida Director Shashank S Singh and Produced by Shahbaz Khan; Mistake director Xahid Khan; Jeevan Ek Sangarsh director Tapan Rimo; NEFA 1953 Director Tapen Natam; OHA……E director Subu Gambo. Documentary Blowin’ in the wind by Tanom Jerang, Feature film “Aaba” , Documentary “Badu-Lament of the fleeting soul” by Toni Perme, Documentary “The incredible Buguns” by Dorjee Khandu Thongun.

A Panel discussion was held on “Film tourism and film policy- Strategizing future” where we saw 4 eminent personalities as panelist and the moderator was Mr. Ranju Dodum (Journalist).

Panelist Senior Film-Maker from Arunachal Pradesh Shri D.K Thungon said – “when local film started in the state during the 80’s and 90’s there was no scope and no market we as filmmakers took it as a challenge, however now the younger generation are blessed to have the changes as people have started watching our own local produced films”. Our local produced films can be marketed at the world stage despite the language gap.

Panelist Shri Moji Riba (Academician and Film- Maker) noted about the key notes and pointers of Arunachal film making, as he said that -Reality is what requires, in terms of film making as we started making films very late. We gradually grow once we overcome our mistakes; we need to take a process of polishing if we have to make into reality. We live in reality, we have to think about the audience a movie is all about SCRIPT, Script and Script, we need good story, people will watch a movie If the story is good even if it is any language. Riba said filmmakers cannot constantly be grant seeker “we need to convince the government to make us partners for the benefit of all parties involved, the government shouldn’t pity us; they should partner with us” he added.

Panelist Mr. Shashank S Singh (Director, Mumbai)- Talked about the medium of language culture, diversity and location he said that the digital making have seep in Indian Cinema, In the days to come we can shoot film by a cell phone. Mr Singh added that our regional films are doing well in their own states, choose a story from your town/state – a film is unique when you talk about yourself; a film can be based on love/ relationship. Film tourism is all about trying to tell your own story, your own regional movies can be easily dubbed to any language be it Hindi or English what it matter is your originality.

Panelist Takom Kena ( Dept. of Tourism Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh) talked about the film tourism of the state, he added that the tourism department and IPR is equally responsible in making the film tourism possible.A film policy for the state is in the process of being drafted. For this, he said, ideas of the tourism and the IPR departments need to be incorporated. Regarding the film tourism, Kena said the tourism department job is to attract filmmakers from outside. “However, with the lack of logistics, the cost is nearly 40 percent higher for a shoot in the state than it is in some of the nearby states. He also requested the FFA (Film Federation of Arunachal) and IPR (Information and Public Relation) department to come up with ideas keeping in mind the requirements and interests of local as well as mainstream filmmakers. An interactive session was also held between the panelist and the audience, during which queries were addressed.

Later nine movies were screened for the short-film competition. These included Dusk by Ligang Sallu, The Dilemma by Tai Josam, Voiceless by Xonie Lingdom, Lost in Traffic by Subu Gambo, Vanishing Roots by Tage Apa, Abo Tani by Kombong Darang, Mute by Mankap Nokwoham, NH 415 by Nabam Sonii and Arunachal Election Time by Nyishi Boy Raw.

The following day was attended by several personalities of the state where a workshop on “Cinematography and visual art of cinema” by Partho Borgohain (Director of “1962: My Country Land” was premiered at 69th Cannes film festival on 18th May 2016.

Later in the evening the 1st Arunachal state film award 2019 was opened by Chief Guest Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Vice Chancellor, RGU. Special guest Maya  Kholie ( Bollywood Producer) and Special Invitee Shri Tumme Amo, SP, Capital Complex.




The 1st Aruanchal State Film Winners in various categories were-

Best Playback Singer (Female)- Khyoda Mema

Best Playback Singer (Male) – Subu Gambo

Best Actor in comic Role (Male)- Phassang Takap

Best Actor in comic Role (Female)- Pissa Somina

Best Actor in supporting role (Female)- Tage Monya

Best Actor in supporting role (Male)- Rana Konya

Best Actor in negative role (Female)- Kago Rinya

Best Actor in negative role (Male)- Dr. Techi Upen Tara

Best film music- NEFA 953

Best Editor- Taba Shekhr (NEFA 1953)

Best DOP- Tapin Natam

Best Actor in lead role (female)- Ana Tayeng

Best Actor in lead role (male)- Subu Gambo

Best Director- Tapin Natam

Runners- up of best short movie- Voiceless by Xonie Lingdom

Best Short film- Vanashing Roots by Tage apa

Best Documentary – Blowin’ in the wind by Tanom Jerang

Best feature film- NEFA 1953.


The host for the 2 days festival was Miss Chomina Beyong (Actor), and the FFA (Film Federation of Arunachal) president Shri. Halli Welly, the event management by Aries Corps (Jack Taniya Budh).

 The festival sponsors were Space Miracle Studio, 3D studios, V Automobiles, Akaa Creations, Gyclee Media and entertainement Pvt. Ltd. NKD works, Spark film production and Cygnett Inn Trendz.


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