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It all started with a bit of soul searching. It’s almost 5years old now and still we feel so new with the bikes. The story of Ride Sikkim simply started with a thought to travel as much as possible on a motorcycle, where ever your mind takes you. It was never meant to be a club or a group as we are talked and seen today. So we still call ourselves as a Ride Sikkim family. It all started with an idea that was just to extend the best support to the riders to who was touching Sikkim in the tour itinerary. So over the years Ride Sikkim has been growing in its own pace and its own space.


We are a family of 5 core members from different age group coming from various professional backgrounds. The primary focus still lies in supporting riders but at the same exploring new places and destination has been an ongoing process. Over a period of time, we have hosted more than 346 riders at our base camp – Hotel 100 petals and have documented their travel stories in social forums best suited for readers and followers who loves to travel.  Another important idea was to promote Sikkim as the next destination for riders, especially related with motor sports. Time and again with each new riders, we have learnt more about motorcycle and their trips which made us compelled to ensure that we share their story. The only difference was that we did not limit to Royal Enfield. As our belief was that whatever medium you choose for travel, the emotional feeling of riding stands premium and that the guts to travel needs to be appreciated. We have tied up with various forums and associations such as the notably MTM, where we invited riders to share their stories of travel that they did across the world and India. This idea of expression and storytelling through Ride Sikkim festival is a new beginning for us and we ensure that we grow bigger as the years pass on. The basic idea was to appreciate people who have under gone adventures of life time and let new riders and travelers inspire from these stories. We have hosted a rider who has journeyed across India and world and People who have been traveling for more than 200 days and across continents.




Our own focus on exploring new destinations has never stopped, as a team we normally ensure that we try to find new routes and new places in Sikkim and preserve it by ensuring that it is not misused in anyways commercially just as the way it happened to Ladakh. As there is a danger for resources getting depleted over the time by the visitors and destroy our natural beauty. We have been building a steady plan to ensure that we promote responsible tourism (I don’t trash my travel) and ensure that we get the best out of our work. Now we are seeking more off-road experience and are on our way to tie up with various national forums that does such sporting activities, besides just touring.


Although emotionally as all riders do, we still hold affection with the Royal Enfield machines, there was a time where we felt that if it’s some other brand of bikes, we normally use to discount them and disregard them. Maybe it was our lack of knowledge and maturity but over a period of time, we have started to understand and appreciate other good bikes available in the market and we are trying our best to bring them under our kitty, the lighter the bike the better for our terrains. Today we have a stable of 10 RE wholly owned by the Ride Sikkim family which we purely use for touring purpose, but now the love for adventure sport is bringing a change to see bikes from different perspectives and appreciate the knowledge gained from our friends who are already riding bikes besides RE, and yes there is a difference given the roads that we have to travel.




We are thankful to the our senior riding club in Sikkim for accepting our small family in the SAR ( Sikkim Alliance of Riders) and our only motto as a member is to extend our best help and ensure how we can work together to make Sikkim the ultimate destination for motorcycle travels. We have a small team but a strong one with each individual having experience in their own capacities. (Musicians, architects, entrepreneurs)We have a wing that focus on the profit making touring and logistic activities and a wing that is continuously motivating new travelers to join in to see life from a different perspective. However we never force anyone to ride with us and be a member, because as such we don’t have any membership formulation. We are open to anyone joining us for a good ride from their heart and not call them forcefully to show our number strength. Whenever there is a ride that we organize, we give an open invitation to be a part of the experience as we still believe that traveling has to come from the heart and it can’t be forced. Today although our base is Sikkim, but we have riders who have appreciated our good will and hard work pan India and across the continents and it’s growing slowly.




Ride Sikkim Festival is another venture that we have launched and this year is our second edition where in we have invited exclusive well travelled riders (speakers) who have done some amazing tours throughout their life. This year our Festival will be held in the month of April- 20th and 21st. The Speakers for this year who will be sharing their journey are some well known personalities who have done some great rides and would be sharing their journey stories and motivate young riders across to take the travel.


Speaker for this year’s Ride Sikkim Festival 

Deepak Kamath (world traveller)

Bulu Biker (youtuber)

Pramod Shrestha (Nepal)

Shayamal sinha (Face or North east)

Sharad Shenoy (Rally Racer)


Ride Sikkim Members:

Karma Tenzing

Parikshat ghising

Bishal Rai

Karma Tenrab

Pravash Gurung

Do check them on:-

Facebook @RideSikkim

Insta @ride.sikkim



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