Nafiza Shah Mrs. Sikkim 2019 1st runner-up winner

Nafiza Shah Mrs. Sikkim 2019 1st runner-up winner she is a young mother who is also a gym enthusiast and a crusader for a change for her place. Let’s get to know her better and her advocacy!

Tell us something about yourself?

Well, I’m known to everyone as Nafiza Shah, daughter of Mr Nadir Shah. I am the youngest among my siblings; also I’m a single mother to a 9 year old son Master Aahan Mukhia. I am a Muslim by virtue of birth, a Hindu by virtue of my marriage and over all, a good human being and proud enough to be a citizen of this country, India. Talking about my interests, I love to interact with new people, travelling and I have written more about it in my blogs at www.myjourney727755999.wordpress.com


How was your experience during your Mrs. Sikkim 2019 journey?

It was overall a very new thing for me and especially during the grooming session, getting acquainted, acclimatized and adjusting myself to a very different environment with ladies from all over the state was a big challenge for me in the first instance. However, it did not take enough time for me to adapt myself with the differences we had as we all came from a different background viz-a-viz caste, creed, religion & culture. All the ladies those who had been in the top-16 were truly amazing .The assimilation thus did not take time and therefore as a result of which i shall always cherish and remember the moment with all of them life long, even though it was for a short duration. I feel blessed to be under the guidance of Johnny D’Ascoli from Nagaland who had come as grooming mentor and within few days he got the new version out of me.


What motivated you to join Mrs. Sikkim?

To participate in this contest was never in my to-do list. However one fine day Mr Ajay, my gym instructor called me up stating about the contest happening for the very first time in our state. It didn’t take me time for me to prepare myself mentally to go for it. The first thing I did was approaching my mother and my sister who are my first support and priority and telling them about my willingness to join the pageant. Moreover, I wanted to represent my place DOH-TAPU as people here in Sikkim aren’t aware about this place and secondly, even after being a separated mother I didn’t care about the prevailing conservative mind set of people living in our society and made myself registered to set an example for those women who thinks about the society and people and kill their dreams in every platform. Therefore, it was my place and the mentality of people towards separated women motivated me to join Mrs Sikkim 2019.


You have given job placement through your institute, highlight about it. How can aspiring candidate connect to your institute?

Academy Of Skill Development (AOSD) under these institute more than 80 students has been placed all over India and also in Dubai in renowned spa centers. We focus on empowering women who have been trained under us. Almost 60 percent were not highly educated and had many problems in their life for a good living (like some of them were widow, separated, single mother etc). I feel proud to say that today, they are really doing well in life and they were AOSD students.


Basically we register and provide one month training to the students with hostel facilities where proper food and lodging is provided. During the 1 month course, the girls will be given not only training in spa but we also impart ideas on the basics in regard to knowing what a SPA THERAPIST . After completion of month training in our institute and when they are fully trained, we give 100% job placement with good salary packages. When people in general think about SPA it is not taken in a positive way. So, to enlighten those who have a narrow mindset in regard to this profession, let me highlight few but most important facts and features and benefits;

Good blood circulation, relieving stressed out muscles, relaxation and to achieve a peace of mind are few to name its benefits with many more if it is studied in detail.

We want our student to proudly say that she is a SPA THERAPIST as she is being given professional training under our academy having diploma holder teacher and other professional mentors. Highly qualified girls can be given training as a SPA MANAGER too in our Institute.

Any girl who really wants to make carrier in hospitality can come forward and train under us. We are a registered institute under Sikkim Government and there aren’t any restrictions on education qualification and age. Aspiring candidate can contact me through my email or add ACADEMY OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT over Face book and get more information..


You are from DOH-TAPU please tell us what you wanna do for you community?

Yes, Doh-Tapu is where Iam from it’s a small village that falls under the Syari constituency. Before I tell something about my place,firstly I would like to tell about Syari. Roughly about a kilometer and half down south from the capital town Gangtok; is where Syari locates. The state having its first 4 star hotel with a casino in the name of Hotel Royal Plaza is in Syari. State govt. quarters ranging from class- 1 to Class IV in the highest numbers are all located here in Syari also Residential Quarters for the officers & staff of AG OFFICE (CENTRAL). Good carpeted roads, drinking water supply, electricity in abundance, a blessed place for people residing here.

37Now coming back to the point and my reasoning for highlighting Syari is, the place Doh-Tapu is just below Syari not about half a kilometer and people surviving here are being deprived of the most essential basic services in comparison to their counterparts living in Syari. The people here are being deprived of a road connectivity whereby everyday they have to walk an up-hill climb. Compelled,as they are for their basic living since they have no alternatives.  Houses get intermittent water supply as they have to rely on the underground Spring-water. Regular electricity cut out is which are being experienced by the people. Talking about sanitation and sewerage, it has not been attended to it, till now. Being one of the resident of this place, I would always grab the opportunity to highlight such unattended issues only with a hope that it reaches the ear of the correct level of administration who are working for the socio-economic welfare of the people of the state and I shall work hard for undertaking and implementing the ways and means which I have decided in my mind, coming up with a Medical dispensary is my first priority.



What is the essence of motherhood? 

MOTHERHOOD, is one of the most difficult and probably is the most challenging role to play however, it’s the most joyous feeling too.  This was the very first time with me where I could feel something so special and with passing time I understand that it is the most beautiful and the purest relationship that a woman can ever have. Nothing can replace this role of being, “A Mother”. It is one of the very important roles where in, the mother teaches her child the very first nature of the world. Giving your valuable time to love, care and teach the child to be a better human being.

The first teacher to a kid is their Mother!

You’ve mention that there is no road leading to your home and deprived of all the basic things, please share?

Yes, Doh Tapu lacks in road connectivity which actually is very important when it specially comes to medical emergencies. From school going student to working people, they all have to walk daily the rough uphill which not only impacts the economy of a people living here but also itself is very dangerous especially during monsoons. The path in which people walk is not a government aided concrete footpath. It’s a man made walkway where slippery areas filled with red muds comprises the maximum area. No Street lights even after having street poles, makes it harder for us travelling during night time. 80% of diseases does come from the unattended water & sewerage/sanitation facilities which this place lacks on and no potable drinking water is available here which makes people suffer.

Is pageant an empowering platform for married women in this new millennial?

Yes, it is an empowering platform for married women in today’s generation. It not only gives you an opportunity to connect one with different profile people but creates your own identity. Marriage is not the end of life and confined within the four corners of the house but, more is to be seen for women who aspires to come forward and show case there talent and prove themselves what they are in this field. Break those walls and set an example is what I believe.

38You share a strong bond with your son, how did he helped you in the cause of strength?

Aahan which itself means STRENGTH has given me immense power to move forward and see life with positivity. Watching him grow everyday makes me work hard to the extent that I want to be his IDOL tomorrow, gone are the days where a son does see only his father as an Idol.

His innocent eyes/unconditional love /selfless smile make me feel special every moment. He completed me being a woman by being called A MOTHER.


Who is your role model?

MOTHER TERESA” In all aspects of her life, she was generous dispenser of divine mercy. Making she available for everyone through her welcome and defense of human life, for those unborn, for those abandoned and discarded. She made her voice heard before the powers of this world, so that they might recognize their guilt for the crime of poverty they created. She worked for the down trodden and gave home to the homeless. She was a living saint who offered a great example and inspiration to the world.

I may not be able to do what she has done but definitely have been following her footsteps. I raise my voice for the place like I live in and I also have given shelter to the homeless animals. So far I’m blessed with 14 animals including dogs and cats. If I count on the number of animals that was with me since I started giving shelter, I had more than 30, but unfortunately universe rule comes into play and one has to leave the world some day or the other.

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