Matsungzukla Jamir

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An Ao Naga damsel who is known for as “Lady Biker” she was born and brought up at Mokokchung Nagaland, she said that the narrow connecting roads taught her that there is always another way and a never ending approach to possibilities. She is a student of Civil Engineering at Royal Global University Guwahati, her interest and curiosity about different and all the new structures in an around places make her explore and venture with enthusiasm in her bike.

When talking about her childhood days, reminiscing the days of mine where quite rompish filled with the entire Red bull energy, then from the start of my typical teenage year I grow on to be more keen about motorcycles and here I am today with one of my own

The motivation for her to ride a bike; “Well it’s simply the liberating sense of pleasure and the adventurous gaiety that fascinates me to ride a bike”.


35To break down the stereotype a call for a message-

I aim to send out a positive message to everyone, to break every level of fears, be strong be positive and independent, grab the labels and face every sort of challenges.

Be the one with the spirit of power stand unique in the society for a change because nothing is impossible.

        For all the women who are already riding away into the sunset, we say, well done! Keep on shining and keep flying. For those who are reading this and seriously thinking about breaking free from the stereotypes, we say. What the hell are you waiting for woman?

  “Get up let your hair down and do the wonders beyond the yonder”

When and how was your first bike ride experienced?

It was in the year 2011 back then when I was thirteen, my feet could barely reach the ground from the seat but thanks to always being a maniac for riding my bicycle since little, I was able to balance the momentum of my first ever experience with my brother’s bike (believe it or not) riding downwards the high way from my home though was so uncooked with shifting the gears.

Plans for a bike tour!

Since I’m still a regular college student of B.tech I do not usually get plenty of time to travel and go for bike trip but when time permits, with my bike I take the chances going on venturing the neighboring States of North East

What’s your favorite bike?

Performance wise it is of course my newly owned TVS Appache RR310.

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