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Spring symbolizes a fresh start of the year. ‘KUMNOU’ [literally translated meaning ‘NEW YEAR’] was an annual event accentuating the very much awaited spring season of the year which represents a new phase in life, was held on 22nd March, the second day of Yaoshang (Holi) 2019 at Hapta Kanjeibung, Imphal from 1:00-7:00pm. It was a joint effort by The Giving Tree and Spirit Adventure to facilitate people to warmly welcome spring by bearing new thoughts to stay in tune with the dynamic changes around the globe. Mangangsana Mayanglambam, founder of Laihui Ensemble, was the Event Director- planning and directing each step of KUMNOU.

26The event brought together a diverse mix of some of the state’s finest food, music and art. It was an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life connecting through music, art and food. It was a space for individuals to communicate and feel comfortable sharing their experiences with people known and unknown.

KUMNOU challenges on incorporating the breaks happening in the society with the advent of modernization by providing a platform for indigenous food and music from the four corners of the state. Artists from different corners of country and state performed exclusively in celebration of spring and freshness that accompanies.

Well curate music event is not complete without its partner – food and art. Well curated delicacies and indigenous drinks from various district of the state was available all under one roof. Graffiti wall and Art installation celebrating spring welcomed and enthrall all the art lovers at the site of the event.

KUM-NOU attracted tourists from different regions and provided an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to inflate their income and spread to a wider audience during the festival. This event also creates a beautiful ambience for the tourists to enjoy and experience Manipur in its finest season.

There were stalls open by the young entrepreneurs from Manipur( DWELLER, HILL WILD, MERIRA FOOD, SECRET COSMETICS, IMAGINARIUM, RAME, NGAYAM FOOD, TWO PASSIONS FLOWERS, ROSY ACCESSORIES, WORTHINGHOR CUTLERY, ZINGRAN FOOD, SOOTHE SOAP AND CANDLES, SMOOTH CRIMINAL AND SHOSA KITCHEN. An Installation of Northeast Loinloom/ Handloom and Bamboo products by Tamie May and Northeast India Fashion Week.




The line up artist and bands who performed at KUMNUO:-


KUTUMBA (Instrumental folk band from Nepal)








The festival was presented by Spirit Adventure and The Giving Tree.


31About Spirit adventure

Spirit Adventure is a travel Enterprise promoted by a group of die hard travelers and adventure lovers.

We felt that there was a void for a travel Enterprise with an outdoor philosophy. With its unrivalled natural beauty the north east part of India is a traveler’s paradise yet to be discovered by the world. Its remoteness provides both opportunities and challenges to the industry. with our emphasis on luxury- Camper lifestyle ,off road 4 x4 expedition capable vehicles, Unique Camp sites and associations with all the festivals of north east. Spirit adventure will surely stand apart in the coming days.

We feel that Manipur as a destination has not been tapped well and with an aim of opening up the state Spirit Adventure has together with the giving tree promoted the KUMNUO Spring Festival.



The giving tree stands for peace, prosperity and compassion. We believe in harmonious co-existence between human and nature. Instead of constantly taking away from nature we believe in giving back to mother earth. The giving tree is rooted in tradition with a modern approach. It believes in eco-friendly construction practices such as bamboo, mud etc, with self-sustainable business practices; the giving tree provides home stay, performance space, slow food, events, curate tours etc. The Giving Tree is located in 3 locations in Manipur (Sangaiporou, Matai and Chirik Loitong Khul).


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