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Imnasenla Aier Singer, Performer and Actress from Nagaland who had recently released her album “Hear me now”. We had a quick interview about her music album released as it is very rare these days to see an Album release in the market, getting to know her aspirations and goals also share her story!


Tell us something about yourself?

I am an optimist person very daring straight-forward and brave. I like to associate with new people, make new friends and also love to spend time alone. I do have my own share of tantrums, emotions and tenderness. I love helping people especially old-age parents and orphans. I’m blessed with a loving mother, two sisters and a brother. I try every single day to be a better human and I love Jesus.


How was your childhood like?

My childhood was AWESOME! I was kind of tom-boy type. J . As every after school I enjoyed playing marbles and going for hunting with wooden guns with my guy friends, climbing trees. My lady friends were all very much into Barbie dolls and all feminine stuffs,  vividly remembering the best part was stealing fruits from our neighbor grandma and getting beaten up from my mom. It would take me an entire book to pin down my whole childhood memories.


24Enlighten us about your Album “hear me now”

Firstly, the name of my album is “Hear me now”. I started working on this album from the year 2013. I have put in a lot of efforts and dedication. I started singing at an early age of 3 and always wanted to perform and sing. I remember composing lyrics at a very young age. And that’s how it all started. Hear me Now is a song in the album, which I wrote in the year 2016 when I was battling in life over some reasons. The album has 8 songs and my favorite is High Heels. I hope at that everyone will enjoy listening to my songs.


You have dedicated one song for your dad title “Hero” so tell us about it.

I am proud to be a daddy’s girl and was always attached to him. I wrote this song for him when he was alive. This song talks about the blessings and qualities in a man and how we look up to them for the big sacrifices they offer! My dad always has been a hero to me and will always be. I just have a wish that he was alive to hear me sing this song to him.


You are not just a singer but you’ve acted and played a lot of roles with “Dreamz Unlimited” so how does it feel to be an actor.

I have been an actor a performer since childhood. My friends were kind of support in the beginning as they saw me mimicking and they would listen to my jokes and laugh their lungs out looking at my funny expressions! It really feels good to act and I enjoy this talent/profession.




Today many artists do not record their originals and albums, what is making them do that?

Many potential artists in Nagaland have given up recording originals and producing albums because of the lack of support from the people. It really dries the soul when you’ve put in all a lot efforts and money to produce originals and no one wants to buy your songs so it’s a harsh reality! People loves listening to your songs for free but turns the other way when it’s comes to buying.

Many artists now sing covers because people already love those songs and they don’t have to buy. We singers want to be known by people and showcase our talents. But since there are less or no supports from the people, we end up doing things which doesn’t profit us.


The age of social media and Youtube have really proven us that new talents are discovered, do you feel that many aspiring singer should post and record more on the social sites?

Absolutely yes, Social media is a blessing to all artists who wants to be known to the world. In my opinion social media is the best platform to do business and earn good fame.


As a Naga musician what do you think is lacking behind for the growth of the music industry, as there is even a govt. office dedicated for the musicians?

Lack of support from the people is the main cause of slow growth in the Music industry in Nagaland. English is not in our Blood! We are always triggered with proper accents and pronunciations. We tend to laugh at singers whose pronunciations are not pleasing to the ears. I feel we should encourage more rather than mocking at our own talents. We can digest Spanish or an African (and count on) singing English in their own accent but when it comes to us, it’s just unbearable.

It is also important that one singer can lift up another. I have seen and experienced artists never attending other Naga musician’s gigs or shows. This is a major downfall for the musicians. Until and unless respect is built for one another, even the government’s hand won’t be enough for us to break the barriers. Though we have Music Task Force in Nagaland!


What should be done in order to be more relevant in the market as musicians?

Be honest with your gifts. Maintain your originality. It is advice not to imitate any other artist. Everyone is gifted differently so “Be yourself”. Find the voice in you and someday people will love you for who you are.


Working on any album tours or projects?

I’m working and planning to come up with new music videos with my songs from the album.


What is your message to the youths of the Northeast India?

Fear the Lord, your creator and work hard persistently. Respect all humans more than animals and the rest will fall into places.

25Favorite singer?

My favorite singer is Beyonce.

Favorite actor?

My favourite actor is Mila Kunis.

5 things you carry in your bag

Five things that I carry in my bag always are; Lipsticks (more than 1), compact powder, tissue papers, pocket perfume and Earpiece.

Favorite food and cuisines.

Local Pork with Bamboo-shoot and kidney beans.

Korean cuisine is my fav. Cuisine

What is your dream holiday destination?


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