Chirmi : A chef from Nagaland who is now based in Goa

 Since she was little girl she have always been cooking so she can’t recall any butterfly stomach feeling  cooking for anyone for the first time, except for a recent event in December when she cooked at her brother’s wedding for 1500 guests. She said “I was very nervous as there was no room to make any mistake however it all went well at the end”.

She described herself as someone who is versatile determined and who loves learning. She is creative, open minded and easy going. She enjoy hosting friends, families, colleagues as guests to her cooking as she love chatting about anything, which is why she decided to close down her restaurant in Mumbai called Hungry Panda and moved to Goa so that she is recognized as a chef or cook and not a restaurateur. She said, “In short I’m a cook by choice and hobby”

4She has been promotion the Naga foods in various occasions and capacity. She said I dress up my food just like we dress up for parties/wedding/Church/dinners. I follow my theme ‘Primitively Modern’ recipes in my food presentation and I think presentation is a very important element in creating appetite. My love for food keeps me motivated. She has cooked in almost all the countries she had travelled for the last few years. However, when in countries like Singapore or Thailand she would not miss the opportunity to go learn their traditional cuisines so she would enroll for cooking classes out of local private homes. When I was in U.K I cooked one of my favorite Naga style beef with bones and I saw that people were really relishing and enjoying it.

 Last Christmas I was in the U.S California where I got to prepare some of our famous north-east dishes like pork with bamboo shoot, dried salty fish chutney, Manipuri Eromba and few more of our daily Naga home meals and I could tell these traditional dishes are quite likeable. For most of my guests who I had cooked for had traveled to many places and tasted many cuisines so it looks to me like their palates were happily receptive to our style.

When asked how her parents feel about her daughter being a chef she said “I think my parents are happy for now especially since brother’s wedding where I cooked for thousand plus people”. J

She is now busy 2x a month at a friend’s restaurant called Meiphung here in Goa (please visit when here) she designs different menus depending on availability of ingredients;  also she caters to private dinners and cooking classes going on simultaneously.

Her Message to the youth of Northeast – If you have identified what you really want to do in life then just go for it without wasting time. And remember the old saying ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’.


Quick Questions!

  1. What is your favorite holiday destination?

– I love Hong Kong for food and shopping.

  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

– Depends on where am I during the free time. If I’m free when at home? I would organize and reorganize my wardrobe to perfection my way. If I’m free when at the airports? I would read a book, Holidays? Shopping and spa go explore new places to eat.

  1. Do you follow a diet?

– NO, I don’t follow a diet but i surely do take my Nutrilite food supplements religiously. ‘You are what you eat’ – no junk food for me.



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