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Naga streetstyle garnered to the best wearable, trending, fashionable and cool photos which is adorned and hugely followed by the youths of today, they have currently 92.9k followers on their Instagram account “Naga Streetstyle”. They have been featured in the Vogue India October 2018, Anniversary Issue. #Own your Style!


Tell us about your Naga StreetStyle? What inspired you to start?

-Naga Streetstyle started in 2015. Reading fashion magazines and following fashion online has always been a huge interest for us. Street style always appealed to us because it focuses on individualism rather than solely on trends, shows, and seasons. Taking inspiration from the booming street style around the world, we thought why not start a page where we can post the street style of people right here in Nagaland because there’s so much of great style! When we started our page, it was at a time when high fashion editorials were no longer out go-to for inspiration. Looks straight off the runway, in glossy papers, on Karlie Kloss or Jourdan Dunne, sure, they looked gorgeous. But, it tends to become obvious and devoid of personal style. Using street style methods, individuals demonstrate their multiple, negotiated identities, in addition to utilizing sub-cultural and intersecting styles or trends. This, in itself, is a performance, as it creates a space where identities can be explored through the act(ion) of dress. We believe that street style it can be an art form in itself – reflecting the complex relationship between the world of aesthetics and the real world. This is highly relatable and adaptable in a place like Nagaland because we mix the most expensive labels with vintage with thrifted items.


Who is your fashion Icon?

-Our “style icon” is street style itself. It embodies all the trends going on now, puts a risky twist on them, and is so much more interesting to see than the couture items in the runway. We love it so much because these people are just regular people who have a passion for fashion and love to show it off. They throw together such amazing outfits that we can somewhat recreate, instead of dreaming about the highest labels which are not accessible to us.




How do you source pictures for the page?

-We have covered events like the NAJ Cosfest,Hornbill Festival.Because it’s not always possible to click pictures, we scout people’s pictures from their social media handles and post them as well. We post people’s pictures irrespective of their age, if they have great style. We also have the “Roots” series where we post pictures of our people wearing Naga traditional attire or a mix of modern and traditional wear, as we feel we have such a beautiful and rich culture and should represent that since its still plays a huge part in our lives.

What is fashion to you?

-We like to think of fashion beyond consumption or fast fashion, but as a way to feel beautiful and comfortable. I think clothes are important for the way we view ourselves. It’s one more way, among the many ways, of feeling good in the world. We are in the fashion revolution where everyone is his own creator, everyone personalize, customize garments and accessories taking them to another level and adapt them to your own taste. No longer do we rely on or consider what we see at the highest levels of fashion as the sole image of style.



Common mistakes/blunder we make in fashion?

-Mistakes that we can make in fashion are when we follow trends blindly without realizing how it translates to our own shapes and individual style. Other than this, we love how people express themselves through whatever they want to wear; it’s a completely personal choice.

How promising is your page?

-Currently, our page is solely based on Instagram. All other details are available on our bio. We plan to develop our own site in the future. The love and support that our page has received has been extraordinarily overwhelming. We hope that with continued support, this page can grow even more.


What’s your opinion on our Northeast fashion scene?

-Northeast has a growing fashion scene. Compared with just a decade back, one can say that a lot has changed. But, it goes without saying that a lot more needs to be done. Our page believes in supporting local and we truly think that if more people can support local businesses, designers, artists, our economy can be a self-sustaining one.

What’s your opinion on the marketable prospect through instagram?

-Instagram is a great platform currently from a business point of view. Vloggers, fitness pages, makeup personalities, start up pages, and so on are all capitalising on the huge audience that instagram offers. Celebrities are, of course, the main beneficiaries of this. But, this has extended even to smaller pages with an active following.

Do millennial men and women needs to have an account on Instragam, how is it beneficial?

-For us, we have realised that instagram proved popular not only among street style amateurs, but also among street style photographers, some of whom have amassed followings in the thousands. It allows getting immediate feedback from the users, which makes it possible to stay up-to-date with latest changes and trends in fashion and in street style, in particular.

Instagram gave life to a specific instagram-based community of street style photographers and models, who also work as an additional channel of communication from fashion providers and consumers. Consequently, many of well-followed photographers started including more street style photography in their portfolios, which was not the case before Instagram.

At this point in life everything happens very quickly, our existence is marked by the immediacy in all aspects of our life and this is reflected in all sectors. Since it is a visual based environment, many times, the amount of work that goes into every picture is unaccounted for. Even though the street style photos from Instagram look rather effortless, it should be noted that numerous attempts to make a perfect shot remain behind the photo.




What’s your opinion on wearable clothing and fashion as art?

-Facing a barrage of images and media, many people have the notion of the trend, but we do not know how to carry it or combine it, it is that time where the medium of street style comes in. It enables us to conceptualize how the trends on the runways translate to a normal setting.


What’s your message to the youths of our Northeast?

-Our one and only advice would be find a personal style and stay true to this. To our readers and followers of North-east we want to say that our culture is an important element still, along with all that we have adapted from elsewhere. Concerted efforts are needed on all our parts to adapt our traditions with our current lifestyles.

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