In conversation with Dr. Duyu Meena Mudang

The First and only Doctor posted at Lor Putung Homeopathic Dispensary, which was lying Defunct for Sixteen Long Years.

It was her greatest challenges to single handedly revive and restore it at the earliest without any support system in the form of Manpower or Materials or Funds.

But her instilled sense of responsibility to do some Charity-Work for the Society for the common cause and to do Justice to her Service and the Department, she took up the Challenge.

And in Few months, Successfully Renovated and Repaired the Completely Dilapidated Building and its Boundary Fences and Cleared Up its Entire Premises with Heaps of Garbage accumulated since more than decade with her own initiative.

In Phase-wise, by Utilizing every possible Means and Resources within her own capacity Financially, materially and in manpower, without just blindly waiting for the things to happen by itself through the department.

By constantly engaging own family members, by motivating and mobilising the villagers, seeking support from various departments, today it is fully functional with eleven staffs and is successfully serving the villagers with introduction of RI and participating in National and State Health Programmes like MI, MRVC, NDD etc.

She has proved that Where There is Will, There is Always a Way Too.

And thus, she has set an example for all to inculcate this sense of responsibility, to bring the small positive change to bring the big difference of progress.



Under her belt she have been a good will ambassador for various campaign/projects:

*National Health Programme MRVC Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign 2018.

District Health Society, Papum Pare, Arunachal Pradesh.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Government of India.


*Rashtriya Poshan Abhiyaan 2018, Papum Pare District, Arunachal Pradesh.

Government of India.

She has done her BHMS from Dr. Gururaju Government Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh.

The recipient of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Academic Excellence Award 2000-2001 and Kesi Neni Award 2000-2001, for being the Topper in Organon and Philosophy and Topper in Materia Medica from Dr.GGH Medical College, Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Duyu Meena Mudang, who is a mother of three children, is the winner of many Beauty Pageants from State, National and International Platforms, apart from being a very active social worker under many NGOs.

Congratulations from our TNEW (The Northeast Window) for being conferred with the State Award and Silver Medal.

What motivated you to revive and restore the 16 years old defunct government dispensary with your own initiatives and capacities? 

Thank you so much. To be honest, when I visited the dispensary for the first time with my Husband after being newly posted there, I literally cried seeing the dilapidated building, heaps of accumulated litters and garbage, entire premises covered with overgrown weeds and bushy shrubs. No place to sit, no way to get inside. No electricity or toilet or drinking water. Above that, no other staffs except for me.

But when my husband Mudang Tacho encouraged me to first start loving the dispensary as if it’s my own house so that I develop the desire to convert it into a home, my apprehensions disappeared and we started working on it immediately involving right from every members of my family.

I’m thankful to District Medical Officer, Papum Pare, Dr (Mrs) Subu Tasso Kampu for having faith on me and my caliber and for her constant support and encouragement. I’m thankful to the villagers and youth leader of Lor Putung village, Shri Tadar Nungki. My sincere gratitude to the deputy director of urban development and housing Shri Gyamar Tachung for extending major help. I’m thankful to IOC Ltd and all the departments who had extended their kind help in every possible ways in reviving the dispensary.


 Tell us something about yourself.

I’m from Ziro in Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh and belong to Apatani Community. Born in a below middle class family. I am the eldest among six siblings from illiterate and unemployed parents. From kindergarten to college I received my education from government Institutions. Some of my teachers played very vital roles in shaping my life by believing on my potential and encouraging me to move on with my dreams. My parents and younger sibling’s constant support in form of their guidance, hope, faith and belief on me being the eldest in a humble family had helped me to emerge as what I’m today. Some of my relatives too had helped me in many ways in pursuing my education. And above all, it was my Husband who took the full responsibility of me and my Education after I got married to him when I was still studying in Medical College. J

Throw some knowledge about Homeopathy

Homeopathy– Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicines which now has become a complementary system of medicines and a primary health care system in most of the countries worldwide.

Global presence-Homeopathy is the most popular alternative form of medicine in Europe.

World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized it as the second largest system of medicine in the World.

Standardization of homeopathic medicines has helped lots in its extensive globalization within short period of time.

Sources of medicines-Like any other systems of medicines, homeopathic medicines are also prepared from different sources like plants, animals and minerals etc. Also from Nosodes, Sarcodes and Imponderablia. By its own method of preparation called the Potentization under its different scales.

Some medicines prepared from Plants are Aconite, Nux Vomica, Cinchona etc.

Some from animals are Apis, Naja, Lachesis etc.

Some from Minerals are Argentum Nitricum, Zincum Met, Ferrum etc.


Principle or Doctrine-Homeopathy is based on the principle “Like Cures Like”.

Example :- When you apply hot water to your cold feet, it immediately gives warmth and comfort but as soon as it is removed from that source, the cold feet gets worse and colder.

But when you apply cold water to your cold feet, at first it aggravates the cold and gives discomfort but the natural warmth and comfort comes back as soon as it is removed from that source.

Basing on this, most similar remedy to the suffering patient is selected to achieve cure.

Best example is like how non-lethal dose of snake venom is used as anti venom to save the person from snake bite.

Or the same polio virus in adequate amount is used to prevent polio by stimulating the immune system to recognise the infecting virus in the body to fight against it and protect the patient.

This doctrine was discovered by father of Homeopathy Dr. Christian Frederick Samuel Hahnemann more than two and half centuries back, when he developed Malaria-like symptoms after consuming small amount of Peruvian bark (Cinchona) due to its high content of Quinine, which is used to treat Malaria.

Vital force-As a Homeopath, we strongly believe that no individual is made up only of the physical body parts which are visible but the mind plays the most vital role too, be it in conscious or subconscious level.

Physical, emotional or spiritual state of a person constitutes an individual. And hence, in health and sickness, the entire being is affected. There is derangement in all these levels.

Thus, homeopathic medicines work not only in the diseased part but helps in attaining rearrangement of the deranged vital force for well being of the patient as a whole.

Practicing homeopathy-Practicing homeopathy is one of the toughest job and challenge. Because we don’t treat only the diseased part but to the patient as a whole. We take into consideration the totality of the symptoms as a whole basing on the individualisation. Because not all the patients even with the same disease are of the same personality or background. Each one of the patients may exhibit headache as one of the symptoms but not all of them are suffering from the same cause. So we don’t blindly administer a same common remedy to everyone. Because one may be suffering from headache due to exposure to the sun, some due to getting wet in the rain, some due to sleeplessness, some due to mental or physical stress. Therefore, we try to pick the most suitable medicine for each one of them according to the patient’s individual necessity.

While treating chronic and incurable diseases also, we almost never have a ready to pick that particular remedy for all. Because many patients suffering from the same disease like carcinoma stomach are different individuals with different lifestyles, affinities and habits etc. Some may be getting due to faulty eating habits, some may have strong family history of the same disease etc.

In a family also, even if all the members are exposed to the same food items, some may have digested it well but some may get stomach upset or indigestion or allergic to it.

Getting wet in the rain may make a child sick everytime whereas the other child may never suffer.

Therefore, each and every sick persons are treated individually.

Hence, homeopathic treatment is gentle, harmless and Holistic in nature with no side effects. Because each one of the patients are being treated with unprejudiced mind.


Scopes and limitations-Like every other systems of medicines, homeopathy also has its own scopes and limitations. Because there is no systems of medicines that cures every diseases or which doesn’t cure any disease. But each systems of medicines has their own scopes and limitations.

Homeopathy gives wonderful results in some of the old, chronic, hereditary, neglected and maltreated ailments and diseases of young, adult and old as well as behavioural and psychiatric disorders.

Homeopathic medicines can be safely used in long term treatment of chronic ailments and many a times it prevents from unnecessary antibiotic abuse in minor acute ailments.

And thus makes it one of the most sought after treatment of choice by so many patients and families when all other systems fail through their own experiences and testimony.

Homeopathic medicines are cheaper and affordable and hence more cost effective.

Likewise, in acute emergencies when surgical intervention is needed, it has its limitations.

But it can always be incorporated with any other treatments for faster and longer lasting health benefits as there are lots of wonderful medicines that aids in faster and healthy healing process.

Each and every system of medicines offers with its own kinds of specialised treatment to sick individuals. So, it’s up to the needy ones to decide and choose what method of treatment to choose for themselves according to what they are in need of.

Like, a Surgeon for surgical cases, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Ophthalmologist, Orthopaedic surgeon, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Paediatrician, Psychiatrist and many more specialised in their respective fields of expertise serving the needy ones.

Likewise, Alternative Systems of Medicines “AYUSH” Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy each are specialised in their respective subjects to heal the sick individuals as per their own respective doctrines, principles and philosophy to cure the sick as much as possible.

Also, Naturopathy and many therapies like Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Psychotherapy, Acupuncture and Acupressure etc also offers varied ways of treatments to the sick people.

Therefore, a particular system may fail to completely cure a sick person but the other existing available systems cures for sure or at least gives the better desired result and vice versa.

But above everything, for maximum efficacy of homeopathic medicines, industry standards has to be strictly maintained in parameters like safety, pharmacopeia specifications, quality requirements and good manufacturing guidelines be always followed and maintained by the manufacturers.


Need of separate Directorate for better service execution and dispensing.

But the present scenario of the status of alternative systems of medicines in most of the existing healthcare systems especially in India, it is merged with the conventional system of medicine.

Merging of conventional system and alternative systems of medicines in many ways hinders in proper execution of these systems independently and appropriately at its best, to the maximum for the betterment of suffering humankind, to the alternative medicine practitioners and also to the conventional medicine practitioners for their uninterrupted, undiluted and independent practicing.

Still much awareness is needed regarding these alternative and complementary systems of medicines. And for that, having independent directorate of its own is the need of the hour. Then only, it’s maximum utility can be achieved as per it’s own scopes.

Therefore, Government and Medical Fraternities together has to proactively work together with better understanding between all the systems of medicines to arrive at a holistic treatment outcome and standards of practice.


Can you share with us some of the cases you successfully treated so far?

In my 12 years of service life, I have seen and experienced countless numbers of patients who wonderfully got cured permanently.

I started practicing out of my own interest right from the time I was still studying.

Some of the cases I can’t forget are the Benign Tumour in a patient which recurred after every sugery repeatedly for more than 20 years but after being treated with homeopathic medicines, that disappeared in less than a week and never reappeared till today.

Huge Condylomata in a finger reccurent after every removal since more than 25 years got completely cured.

Many children with benign tumours received homeopathic medicines just before their scheduled surgery in fear of undergoing that and till today it never reappeared or needed surgery.

Few cases of treatment for primary as well as secondary sterility due to varied reasons have healthy babies today.

A few cases of psychiatric patients with suicidal and self harming tendencies out of extreme depression, love failure, family problems etc are healthy mentally and emotionally till today.

Some substance abusers are free of that habits and leading a better and healthier life now.

Apart from chronic form of Asthma, Urticaria, Hypertension and many more..

What inspired you to become a Homeopath?

I wanted to become a Homeopath since the time when I was in 9th standard.

Because since my childhood days, I badly suffered from chronic constipation.

And nothing worked to give me relief. I still remember my paternal late grandmother would always call priest to perform lots of traditional rituals sacrificing many animals to cure my chronic problem. And many a times I would be rushed to emergency wards during odd hours for getting enemas.

But when I was in 9th standard, once I casually visited Dr. Mamang Dai, a homeopath at Itafort Government dispensary, Itanagar without much hope to get any good results. But to my great surprise, homeopathic medicines gave me wonderful result. I had never ever believed in those simple sugary pills before whenever I use to see others taking that. But my own experience of getting the miraculous result from my chronic suffering had made me to fall in love with Homeopathy and I’m a Homeopath today.

Dr. Duyu Meena Mudang

State Awardees 2019

Silver Medalist

Government of Arunachal Pradesh.


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