Yana Ngoba Chakpu (Yana In Style)

– Satarupa Mishra

About the Founder

“I might not be grooming myself enough to look beautiful. But I will always make sure that I make you look beautiful.”      …        Yana Ngoba Chakpu


Yana Ngoba Chakpu is an ace designer and stylist from Northeast India. Her works have received accolades from myriad corners that also include the haute couturiers at the London Fashion Week 2015. Renowned ladies like MC Mary Kom, Soha Ali Khan, Monikangana Dutta, and Noyonika Chatterjee have lovingly flaunted her creations.

The fiery designer from Arunachal Pradesh holds a place of her own in the Indian fashion scenario, thanks to her irrevocable commitment towards promoting the Northeast Indian fabrics and handicrafts. While most of the designers work on machine-made linens and silhouettes with sequins, crystal works, and embroideries, Yana prefers to work on fabrics painstakingly woven on loin and shuttle looms in the Northeast.


“I don’t need to look beyond Northeast India for fabrics. My designs are quintessentially made in Northeast with an international fusion twist.”  …      Yana Ngoba Chakpu


The designer believes that the best and the easiest way to distinguish people is through their traditional attires. And Yana vows to push Northeast India into the popular global circle through relentless exhibition of the Northeastern handloom fabrics. Her contemporary designs on traditional fabrics are aimed at luring national and international clients who are looking for something different, but practical and wearable at the same time.


“I dream of the day when the people would have no second thought about opting for our tribal fabrics for their modern dresses and gowns.”   …        Yana Ngoba Chakpu


A born rebel with an urge to do something different, Yana pulled off a beauty pageant at the mere age of 17 all on her own in her home state Arunachal Pradesh. She was the curator, manager, fashion designer, official groomer, and choreographer of the event. Despite the success of the pageant, Yana was yet to realize her true calling for there was the society trying to pull her back due to her bohemian self-styling and her unorthodox take on life. After trying a series of courses in Guwahati post her High Secondary, like journalism, electronic music, violin, and leather footwear designing, the maverick designer had finally discovered her true calling. And then in 2009, she launched her signature boutique in Arunachal Pradesh, Yana in Style Signature.

Ever since, Yana has only evolved as a stylist and a designer, flabbergasting the fashionistas and the couturiers alike with her unconventional designs on the conventional Northeastern fabrics and artifacts. Her elaborate jewelry designs, out-of-the-box headgears, and her unbridled use of popup colors speak a million about her passion for designing and her fearless knack for experimenting.


A true fashion designer is nothing but creative. Those who trust me completely come to me. I am not for those who want me to tailor a copied style of someone’s original work.”  …  Yana Ngoba Chakpu


A workaholic to the core, Yana loves to sit at home and work on her own till wee hours of the morning. For the honest, no-nonsense woman that she is, the client can only expect the best output from her. Yana speaks less, parties lesser, but works her best.



Nominated for the Emerging Designer of the Year at the London Midland Fashion Awards 2013.

Showcased her collection at the London Fashion Week 2015.

Showcased her collection at the Lakme Fashion Week 2016 in Mumbai. Her entire collection was sold out at the very venue in no time.

Designed the costume for Mrs. India at the Mrs. Universe 2018 pageant in Philippines.

Designed and won the best national costume at the Mrs. Queen of the Globe 2018 pageant held in Dubai.

Designed and won the best national costume at the 30th Miss Model of the World 2018 pageant held in China.



About Yana In Style

Yana In Style is a brand umbrella accommodating the multifarious handloom fabrics of Northeast India and tailoring them to suit the cosmopolitan tastes of the national and the international buyers.

The fact that Northeast India is a haven for ethnic weavers isn’t a secret anymore. Every state of the region is a home to heterogeneous tribes. And every tribe has weave patterns of its own. For instance, the colour combinations and the design patterns woven by the Apatani tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are remarkably different from that of the Galo tribes from the same state. No surprises that the outsiders are often baffled by the delicate differences in the Northeastern textiles.

Yana In Style is a single-window platform offering an informed peek into the motley weaves of Northeast India and creating handsome buying and selling opportunities of international standards. While the cosmopolitan buyers can choose from variegated lines of contemporary designer wear as well as the unstitched traditional Northeastern handlooms, the brand also provides the Northeastern weavers and the superbly talented budding Northeastern designers a market to sell their products.


Traditional items with a Designer twist

At Yana In Style, we understand the tastes of contemporary buyers who are constantly looking for something unique that is chic, subtle, and comfy at the same time. International designer and the founder of Yana In Style, Yana Ngoba Chakpu handpicks the best of designs from the weavers/designers for the clients. She even guides the weavers on the haute trends so that their creations find suitable buyers. Being a designer-cum-stylist, she is a trusted choice for clients looking for a head-to-toe fashion and styling solution. Expect her to tend to your customized needs in case you aren’t sure how to use an exquisite piece of unstitched fabric. Yana is the best person to give the traditional Northeastern textiles and jewelries a swanky, designer twist.

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