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Tell us something about yourself?

Well my name is Moa Imchen and Iam from Ao tribe and a native of Longjang Village.  Born and brought up from a very humble family from kohima and I am third among 4 siblings


Since when did you start doing art?

To be honest I started pencil drawings of super heroes since kid.  That’s how I got hold of art


Have you done any course on art or is it inborn?

After 10+2,   I completed my degree in Animation from Bangalore ‘ Ants Animation School’.

Art (Drawing, Painting, sculpting) was a part of subject then.. As a kid I use to draw maybe it was a passion or hobby. I thank God for this wonderful gift.


What inspire you to be an artist?

Like any other small kid, my first love was hot wheels, Gi-joe, He-man and all the super heroes fighting the evil forces to save the human race. Being so much fascinated I always tried to copy them in papers. With a silly little boy’s fancy ambition of filling the bedroom walls with the sketches of favorite hot wheels n super heroes… I always ran short of papers… Well u can imagine how my mom would have reacted Hahaha well that’s how Art slowly became part of my life even before I knew the real meaning of Art.

  And yes even as a small boy in kindergarten I was always curious to see my teachers drawing apple on the blackboard while singing A for Apple.  The curiosity of a little boy seeing those chalks being run around the boards recreating living as well as non living animals fired my imagination which only grew more and more as I matured.

So it was the little things that inspired me.


What are the challenges and struggle you had face?

After returning back hometown for good leaving aside all those wonderful opportunity was the biggest challenge cause when it comes to our state for daily living it’s mostly always Govt. Job and my field of education was the opposite one hehe ..  I was scared to start something of my own then. Initially I had struggle a lot cause passion in buying art is lesser then passion in liking and getting comments on Facebook and instagram .. But never gave up cause this very line said by my mother was always stored in my mind ” Teach, show what you know and have learned, to our beautiful NAGALAND.


How can people avail or purchase your collections?

” When you are good at something never do it for free unless charity”.. There are many who love art but can’t make one so they purchase,  now they won’t just purchase some splash paint over another paint right?  I believe creativity is needed over those splashes to let it come out awesome. Then I promise you this,, they’ll buy..

For more info on design please contact us

Moatemsu.imchen@gmail.com  /



In Northern Eastern society many parents pressure their children to go for white collar job. How was your parent’s reaction?

Yes, many parents want their kids to be doctors and engineers but in my case I was fortunate to have parents who supported my dreams. My parents always encouraged me to follow my heart. They believed in me which became my biggest strength. The encouragements from my parents always reminded me of what Confucius said “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. “


How to you encourage art talent to be pursued as a career?

Don’t be a doctor, lawyer and engineer just because your papa wants you to be…  Follow your heart of interest and your dream..

One can always become an artist if you have interest in playing PUBG, mobile legend, candy crash and any other mobile games and animation movies.. You can be a 3D animator, 3d gaming producer/programmer, 2d artist, graphic designer, clay sculpting artist, painter, penciled and many more in creativity.  All you need is little effort, little determination, little extra innovation and lots and lots of extra time working (workaholic).


Tell some of your achievements

At my final year 2009, campus interview was conducted where I was selected as 3d modeller by this company call ‘Prana’ Asia’s biggest gaming production studio and an Affiliated company of Disney Land.  In fact I am the first Naga or I should say first from northeast to get placement working for Disney. It was dream come true.


What is your message to the youth of northeast?

It’s never too late to become an ARTIST.. Like the sums in Math and equation in science and poetry in English you need creativity in art…  And to be ONE, age never matters,, you can be 5 or you can be 60.. Just grab hold those tools and start cause it’s never late.. In art one can always express your thought by letting them see what you made. Art is silent yet so powerful that it can bring tears of joy making world beautiful. Have you not noticed how beautiful where your seated right now? Can you see those beautifully painted wall or those crack walls or ceiling or frames or the vase or the curtains or the furniture or the cloths your wearing or the house next door from that window? Aren’t they itself symbolising art?  Art can be in any form and to make it beautiful you need to add creativity and lots of visualization..

 ‘I love to stumble cause the next moment I try harder standing firm’.


‘Creativity is awesome’

by Moa Imchen.

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