Interview of  Taba Nabam Akaa

Empowered, Entrepreneur and Social worker Taba Nabam Akaa fashion designer from Arunachal Pradesh, she won the Best Designer award at Fbb Femina Miss India 2017. She has showcased her collection at London Fashion week in 2015 and other various fashion weeks in India. Also Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo have worn her dress during her visit to Arunachal Pradesh.


Why did you choose tribal designing?

Because I choose tribal designing as the tribal designs are very diverse just as the rich culture, and the motifs and patterns are unique and ornaments are very exclusive. This interests me to choose my path on tribal wear fashion.


What are the plans for 2019?

My plans for 2019 is that I want to come up with a set of collection of each tribes of my state Arunachal Pradesh and also a unity wear which will have the motifs of all the tribes of  Arunachal Pradesh.


How is the perception from the youths in tribal wear?

The youth of Arunachal Pradesh are appreciating; there is a competition on the tribal fusion among the tribes as well. Despite the k-pop or the western wear our youths are trending and following the rich tribal fusion wears.




You won the national customs at fbb at femina miss India what was the inspiration behind?

I didn’t had any clue on making the national customs, in Arunachal Pradesh Bamboo is one integrals part of our daily lives, we use bamboo in festivals in various functions also our houses are mostly constructed by bamboo, orchids are also very important. In the dress I had mixed 9 tribe’s motifs and patterns from Ghalo, adi, apatani, idu-mishmi, tagin, nyishi, aka miji. So it was a combination of the rich patterns from the tribal’s and the bamboo and orchid did justice in bringing out a beautiful dress. I had the privileged to showcase my culture which was appreciated at the national level.


What is your message to the upcoming designer?

My advice and suggestion is that, one should have dedication and determination. One should have the innovation to create something new. One should take designing practically, a designer should have preparation. Aspiring designer should value their parent’s time and money.

 Being unique is what makes you a distinct designer instead of copycatting others! Follow your heart and do it.


How was the response to your tribal wear when you showcased at London Fashion Week?

The first thing is getting the opportunity and platform was a very big achievement for me, out there the fashion changes every-day and well the customers and the buyers were very interested as my tribal wears are made out of “ERI” so the eri usage on my tribal wear was very encouraging, as it is sustainable and environment friendly.


How would you preserve the natural fibers?

Each and every state of Northeast Government should financial aid and help the workers who plant the eri.

Muga is also a skin-friendly fibers and it is mostly found at Assam so the preservation should.


Did the government of Arunachal Pradesh recognition?

No recognition so far from the government of Arunachal Pradesh.  I’m sure the govt. of Arunachal Pradesh will give importance and give due credit and appreciate my effort.

Any important occasion of the state level, the government should be offered and given the privilege.


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