Dr. Kaketo Yepthomi. Proprietor Beyond Smiles Multispeciality Dental Clinic.

NeW Bureau

He is the President- Elect, Indian Dental Associations, Nagaland state Branch.

In the past he have served the association in different capacities as, Asstn. Hon. Secretary, Convenor- Continuing Dental Education.


About Beyond Smiles.

Beyond Smiles Multispeciality Dental Clinic was established in 2011 with the mission to provide highest quality  dental care as those of American and European Dental centres.

In order to accomplish this mission he has been constantly updating with most cutting-edge education, training, buying the most advanced equipments and materials.

Beyond Smile is located at N. L. Road.1st floor Odyuo’s Complex,Above Medical hall New Market Dimapur. It’s a digital dental clinic.


12+Tell us something about yourself?

I was born in Kiphire, thats where I spent my early childhood. My parents shifted to dimapur in 1993.  I grew up in dimapur untill i completed my HSSLC. I attended Regional Dental College under Guwahati University where I completed my Bachelors in Dental Surgery.

My parents are very humble and hardworking people and since they didn’t graduate from college, they encouraged and supported me and my other siblings that we receive the best education. I hope they now know that all they instilled in us wasn’t for nothing. After all I ended up becoming a competent Implantologist and Cosmetic Dental Surgeon.

It may surprise you to know that upon graduation from an accredited college, most graduates are exposed only to the rudiments of their profession. They leave academia with a fair amount of knowledge and some practice in applying it, but not much in the way of experience. So, after my graduation I underwent advance training in various disciplines like endodontic, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, Implantology, Prosthodontics, etc. conducted by some of the best mentors in country and abroad.

I don’t know if I should say I’m a social worker or not but in some way or the other i have always been into pro bono work since college days. And mostly I found myself in-charge of social-welfare activities.

During my student time in Guwahati, many Nagas undergoing treatment there would call me for assistance. At times even during exam time I was assisting people in hospitals, going around hostels looking for blood donors. Sometimes at police station, sometimes at morgue ,helping to fasting the autopsy process etc.

On returning home after completing my studies, that very year itself I was asked to serve as social welfare Secretary of our Block at Thilixu village. I was the Secretary form 2011 till 2016. During that time our team took the initiative, raised funds and with the support from the community constructed a school building.


Indeed you are a social-worker and Congratulations, as you are blessed with a daughter! How do make free time with family and other activities?

My wife has blessed us with a beautiful daughter so now most of my free time I’m with my little one.

I read a lot. I like to socialize, hang out with creative and inspiring people.

 I love spending time with my German Shepherds. I can proudly say I have some of the best GSD’s in town. One of my male was a champion. I travel often, I’m quite an adventurer.

I have always been attracted to cool things. I’m someone who doesn’t mind getting my skin inked.

Apparently I’m devoting some of my time in skilling Naga Youths in a way that will help them find employment.

Our state-of-the-art I.T. centre at 4th mile has been accredited as 4-star centre by NSDC.

We are providing free computer training, certification and placement.


Tell us about dental procedure?

Some routine dental procedure we do in our practice are-

Root canal treatment, crown and  Bridge work, dental implants ( our clinic is a centre for world’s no.1 Dental implants), bone grafting, tooth alignment with braces/ aligners, smile make over’s, dental veneers, dental fillings, , removable dentures, gum treatment, teeth whitening, dental Jewellery, dental extraction, children’s dental care… etc

It’s important to know that there can be numerous ways to treat the same situation, keeping that in mind I tailor the treatment plan for each patient’s specific circumstances.

 A major part of those circumstances may be financial, and since different treatment plans can vary a great deal in cost.

Saving a badly damaged tooth with a root canal and a crown will preserve it for a long time, but it is expensive, and the patient may opt for a much less expensive extraction instead.

Replacing a missing tooth may be done with an expensive implant or fixed bridge (which remains in the mouth and is not removable), or a much less expensive removable partial denture.

To ensure safety of our patients, highest level of hygiene and infection control is maintained in our Dental office.

Every single instrument after use goes through series of process of cleaning.

Instruments are first treated with chemicals and then washed prior to sterilization.

 Instruments are treated in ultrasonic machine so that all the debris gets cleaned.

Instruments are then packed appropriately for sterilization and then it’s placed in an autoclave where it’s sterilized under particular pressure and temperature killing all the microorganisms.

Cleaning and autoclaving is done at cleaning zone.

After autoclaving sterile instruments are taken to my work station and are placed in a U.V. chamber before it used again.

Dentistry is one of the fastest growing professions. Tooth restoration technology is more advanced than it has ever been.

Most techniques and approaches i learned in my college 10 years ago are now obsolete.

Materials have improved.

We have better equipments now, instant x-rays, everything which use to be manual are becoming computer-aided.

 With state-of- art dental implants and beautiful crown and veneers. we truly are in the twenty-first century of dentistry. In fact, artificial teeth are so durable, attractive, and versatile that some people may even begin to wonder if they’re actually better than actual teeth.

Oral health relates to overall health.


Oral health is an integral part of general health.

Harmful bacteria’s from unhealthy mouth can get into the blood stream where bugs travel to vital organs. As a result your chance of developing diabetes can go up.  Studies have shown that stroke risk can quadruple and your risk of a heart attack can spike up to 14 times higher. In women it can also cause complication during pregnancy and can impact the baby.

 Of course these are all worst case scenarios. The best case? The ligaments tethering your teeth to your jaw will disintegrate leaving you toothless.


How important it is to take care of our teeth? 

There is no brand of clothing; there is no piece of jewellery, fashion accessory, perfumes or piece of art on the wall that you’re going to get as much value out of as your smile.

It’s the brightest thing you can wear.


Scenario of Naga people in the importance taking care of their teeth?

In the recent years the level of awareness has increased, but we still have a long way to go. Majority of the populace don’t get routine check- up done.

Most people don’t go to dentist even when they have discomfort in their mouth.

They show up only when the pain gets unbearable and by that time bacteria’s from the tooth have already ingressed into surrounding tissues and the bone.

And irony is that patients expect that they get well immediately or in a single sitting.

There is no way anyone can treat infection in a single sitting.

Most dental procedures requires multiples sittings over a period of time.

 In spite of the very difficult nature of my chosen profession, most patients seem to be pleased with us, and by and large, we have been pleased with most of our patients.


12___Some Oral care tips.

You should probably be clocking more face time with your dentist than any other medical pro.

Most adults should get professional dental cleaning done two to three times a year. People with irregular teeth or gaps between the teeth may require even more frequent cleaning.

Frequent cleaning help to reduce the overall bacterial load in your mouth, leading to less gum diseases and cavities.

That six-month time frame is something that was concocted by insurance companies.

The best way to practice good oral hygiene at home is by brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

Avoid excessive sugar in take.

The sugar in the food breaks down into tooth-dissolving acids in the mouth, causing tooth decay and gum diseases.

Eat healthy balanced diet.

Dental interventions like fluoride applications, pits and fissure sealant

Can prevent tooth decay.


Note of caution for the readers:

With hundreds of private dental colleges across India producing thousands of graduates every year, we are beginning to see many unhealthy, unethical practices,

Tarnishing the image of this beautiful profession.

Unregulated, Unheard of forums, organizations are coming up with paid events, awards ceremonies every now and then. Giving away X, Z, Y Certificates to the participants. And it is very unfortunate that many professionals in the main land are now behaving like a masquerader.

More certificates on the wall don’t make one better or the best.

We are yet to see those incidences in our state.

Many people on seeing attractive ads promising instant WOW by corporate chain of clinics fly out of the state to get treatment.

They go break their teeth, burn their fingers and come back to us seeking for our indulgence and interference.

Dear patients please, don’t get lured by pseudo certificates, pseudo awards and fake promises.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle by maintaining good oral hygiene.

Take good care of your smile. It’s the prettiest thing you can wear. 🙂

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