Cynthia Kolakhe

NeW Bureau

Tell us something about yourself?

I am Cynthia Kolakhe a freelance Art and Drama educator from Nagaland.At present, am a visiting faculty in all the 4 B’ed Colleges in Kohima.


Since when did you start doing art?

Since childhood, I would like to draw on the walls, books and all the empty spaces around.


Have you done any course on art or is it an in-born?

Yes, I have done Art from College of Art and 3D animation from Picasso Digital Media, New Delhi.


What inspired you to be an artist?

The society around me inspired me to become an artist.


What are the challenges and struggle you had faced as an artist?

Back then, being a freelance artist, I faced many challenges. Not many of us, appreciate the value of Art, they feel Art is just a drawing on the piece of paper, but   today I would like to say, it’s much more beyond that. Our society is becoming more developed and hopefully the government will soon open an Art College, big art gallery, so that we can work and help the self taught artists, on working person, house wife and mostly who have skills to have a sustainable life.


How can people avail or purchase your collections?

Nagaland Street Art is a local brand, we do mostly ethnic hand painted on dresses, shoes, bags, tees. Digital art diaries, street art, paintings, interior placement, event

Management etc…People can purchase through online. We are on Instagram and Facebook.


In Northeastern societies many parents pressure their children to go for white collared job how was your parent’s reaction?

As for me, Iam blessed and very lucky to have a mom and my late uncle who encouraged me to pursued fine art, since I was good in drawing.


How do you encourage art talent to be pursued as a career?

If anyone who have skills and ready to learn do not waste time but go for Art College. In near future, there will be many avenues and opportunity for art teacher in Northeast.


Have you done any exhibition?

Yes I have done 4 times (Art Exhibition) in Delhi.


What is your message to the youths of the Northeast?

“Dream big and work hard because that is the key to success”.

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