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Chum Darang is a model and a multi-title beauty pageant award holder from the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Chum darang is also an entrepreneur and started her own coffee cafe called ‘Cafe Chu’ at Pasighat. Chum also a social activist and was recently recognized by the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh.


Tell us something about yourself?

 I come from a small town in Arunachal Pradesh, one of the smart cities; Pasighat.

I have done Bachelors in English and another in Education, PG in Tourism.

Yes, I was serving as a teacher in a school, when the zeal to pursue what I always dreamt of happened; participating in Pageants.


What made you choose modeling/pageant when you could have gone for a stable career ? How did it happen?

I don’t think there’s anything as a “stable career”, you choose your path, follow that path and in the end make that path a part of your life, be it any sector, Government or Private or Entrepreneurship. Stable should be your goals in life.

It all started with faith, faith in self!


Apart from modeling…. Is there any other career alongside?

 Entrepreneurship, that’s my call!




You’re doing some amazing work! What do you feel makes you a good model?

 Thank you. But first, I would like to make the difference between a model and a beauty queen very clear, models are for fashion shows and brands, and I was always associated with beauty pageants.

Well, I think my confidence which reflects from within to the outside is what makes me a good beauty queen.


Tell us about some of the impressive shoots and shows that you have done?

My participation in Miss Earth India 2016 had a huge effect on me later, and the major one happened when I went on to represent India at Miss Asia World 2017.


How is beauty pageant important and relevant for Millennial Woman?

Beauty pageants, I would say is a realm where one gets to grasp quite a thing, gets better in every way, it is where one starts learning about their own-selves and about others.

It’s definitely important and now that the world is getting to see the significance and positive influence of pageants around the globe, need I say more?


What does your pageant do for you? Some like travel. What appeals to you?

 After getting into pageants I am now more vocal, and socially active. Before I used to be “not-so-social”. This is what pageants do to you, gives you a platform to reach out to people and at times be their voice.

Travelling and staying fit are other advantages.


What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?

 Well, representing my country, INDIA, at an international pageant was and is the biggest success so far. Still gives me chills!


How do you stay in shape? Tell us about your workout and diet.

They say, “you are what you eat”. So always look-out for the healthier food, where ever you are. I have never ever skipped a meal, ever!

Workout is a must, not daily but at least thrice a week. And your water intake plays a major role.

Repeat this: Eat-drink lots of water or fluids-workout-then get a good night’s sleep.


11___What are the other passions beside modeling and acting?

 There are many which I am working on right now. The big reveal will be out soon if I work harder, and that’s what I am on to right now.


Who is your icon.. Someone you look up to among the models and actors? Why?

There are many names, if taken, the list never ends. In short, everybody who risks everything to get to the spot they always wanted to be in, inspires me, those who work hard to make their dreams come true, inspires me.


Congratulation for your new venture, tell us about it.

 I was always fascinated by the thought of owning something or starting a business of my own, so I opened a small cozy cafe at my home town Pasighat, Cafe Chu, which means Cafe ‘You’!

This cafe was one of my dreams which I turned into reality. I have always made myself believe that: dreams are made of reality, you subconsciously believe you can, so you aim for those dreams, because you know, deep down, that you can.

P.S: I always have back up plans, in case I ever get exhausted chasing dreams half way(which won’t happen, still, why to take chance?).


Any advice to the youths!

We all know what’s right for us and what’s not, make sure you always choose the right path whatever it may be.

Life gives you one chance for everything, wait for the right chance then pounce and conquer. Remember, one life, many dreams, few chances, but believing in yourself is what you control, turning your dreams into reality is what you are capable of. Never stop halfway!

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