Kraken peter Lombi

An entrepreneur who started the “Food Truck” Kraken is from Arunachal Pradesh residing at Nagarlagun, Papumpare from Galo tribe and a native of Tribin. Grew up in a society where getting a Government job of any form was the ultimate goal and achievement.  Even though an average student he pursued Dentistry but it was not his calling.  Destiny had other plans so he moved to other areas and dabbled in varied projects. These interests lead him to launch the “FOOD TRUCK” in the state. He also deals with FMCG distribution on Import & Exports.  An avid farmer who is especially into spices and horticulture, his favorite quote “Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drawn out your inner voice” by Steve jobs.

His message to the youths – I would like to tell the youths of today that you can dream and achieve anything as long as you have a desire and strive to do your best. Don’t be bogged down by pressure or opinion, just set your goals and move ahead.


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