You have a plan and you want to start your own business. You want to challenge yourself instead of working for your boss. Then you are into entrepreneurship. It is gambling where you will win if you have the right card in your hand. Probably you know Bill gates for Microsoft, Steve Jobs for Macs, iPhones and Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook. Now the question is can anyone be the Bill gates or Mark Zuckerberg? No, that requires some basic skills. Entrepreneurship is the process of innovation that reallocates resources to new opportunities, often creating new opportunities through unusual combination of resources and skills of risk taking.

In a developing country like India and Northeast as a whole there are so many things to start-up and plan for better innovation and avenues. To be a successful entrepreneur these are some of the characteristics – Creative Mind, Confidence to Take Initiatives, Ethical Standard, Conceptual Skill, Versatile Knowledge, Knowledge of Market, Energetic and Diligent, Responsive to Criticism and Suggestions, Eligible to Evaluate Risks, Self-Confident and Optimistic.

 In this December issue we are highlighting some of the Entrepreneurs of the Northeastern states- Jack Taniya Budh, Karken Peter Lombi and Abhishek Bora. Indeed there are many upcoming Entrepreneurs who want to create a different set-up business, interesting fact is that how all of them can sustain their livelihood and create many avenues for the unemployed youths of today!

We wish the very best to all the brave, determine, innovative and hard-working Entrepreneurs of the Northeastern states to make a benchmark and be an inspiration to many!!!

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