A short write up on Dreamz unlimited and when it was incepted?

The inception of Dreamz Unlimited can be traced back to the year 2008 where after 45 days of intensive Theatre Workshop in NEZCC, Dimapur initiated by National School of Drama, New Delhi, and the workshop participants decided to form a Theatre group.

However things were not as smooth as we see now. Those days, among the 26 participants from the workshop many gave up mid way opting for greener pastures as those days, the scope to earn livelihood through theatre was very little. So by the year 2010-11, the group became non-functional for some time and most of the members gave up, some went for studies, some got married and settled down and some decided to give up,  except for 4 persons, Tiakumzuk Aier, Bokavi Swu, Zhokhoi Chuzho and Mughato Chishi.

After reviving and recruiting new artist, performance started again. Overtime, only 2 person could make it till today and others could no longer be a part of the team. The team is headed by Tiakumzuk Aier as the Director and Bokavi Swu as Co – coordinator and rest Areinsa, Chuba, Alfrit, Along, Asen, Sunep, Aren and M Takum are new members/artiste/technical.

Tiakumzuk Aier
Tiakumzuk Aier

He is the captain of the ship, the director of Deamz Unlimited. He hails from Sungratsu village under Mokokchung District. He was born in Tuensang and spends his childhood and high-school days at Tuensang as his mother was posted there and also she is from Chang tribe.

How was the reaction of the film “nana – a tale of us”? How long was the duration of shooting and the location and how as the experience?

Overwhelming! People from all walks of life could relate to the film. They appreciated every aspect of the film, story, dialogues, cinematography, acting, direction and even colour grading. It’s something which we didn’t expect.

It took 15 days to shoot. The whole crew stayed at Impur Mission Centre and the major portion was shot at Sungratsu Village. The rest was shot at Mopongchuket Village and Mokokchung.

The locals were very supportive, we didn’t face any difficulty in getting permission for using school, church, fields or private houses.

Are people open to watch locally produced movies and films?

Very much. There is a huge demand actually but the main problem is we are not able to meet that demand. Hardly any commercial quality movies are made out here. Films like Nana may happen once in two or three years because we have very limited resources and filmmaking takes a lotof time. So, unless you are a fulltime filmmaker, it is not easy to make feature film every year. Plus inorder to come up with a quality production we need finance/producer. Our market is very small and to get return is not easy so unless they are doing it for charity. People with money do not risk to  put money in film business out here.

Many Northeastern aspiring actor try their luck at Bollywood but then there is a language barrier and our looks and features difference in grabbing some major part too, so what is your opinion about it?

We cannot change our physical features but we can definitely overcome the language barrier if we are truly committed to join the bollywood. And regarding grabbing major roles, if our feature doesn’t fulfill the criteria to be in major role then we have to accept the fate and do other parts for the love of acting and not for just popularity. And I heard that on an average around 15000 people come to Mumbai daily to try their luck in Bollywood out of which only 1% is successful. So it’s very difficult, not just for northeastern people but for all other states too! You need to be the best of the best with a little amount of luck to be there in Bollywood. That’s my opinion.

Should all the Northeastern states create its own film industry in order to create more platform? What is your opinion?

Absolutely. I think Manipur and Assam has their own film industry which is also supported by the government. A film industry in Nagaland would be the ultimate goal for our team. If that happens then there will be lots of employment for the talented Naga people. Actors, singers, set designers, fashion designers, sound engineers, editors, writers; make-up artiste etc everybody can work together under one umbrella…The state can also generate revenue through that. Apart from that if we do quality films our films can go all over the world.

As a Director, Producer and Script-writer what is the requirement an actor should possess?

Obviously good acting and the ability to enter into another character and engage with an audience.Along with that, an actor should be able to adapt to any given situation and should posses the quality to adjust with people around him/her. And of course, dedication to this art.

Manipuri and Assamese films has created a niche, so what should our Nagamese Films really need to work out?

First and foremost we need committed filmmakers and film educated people out here. Film educated doesn’t mean those who have the degree in filmmaking from big institutes. It means those who understands cinema well. Unless we understand that we will never be able to grow as a filmmaker. And we need filmmakers who are passionate about their work. Money is important but you need to have the passion and love for this work first. Other things will follow.

Right now your Youtube videos are going viral and it is appreciated by all so how do you feel about it?

It feels great and at the same time humbling to be appreciated for our work by people from all age groups. Genuine respect to the artiste is seen among the people which was not there few years back. We are respected for what we do. It’s indeed a wonderful blessing.

Which Youtube Video has got the highest viewers so far?

The Lie Detector has crossed more than 6 lakhs views so far.


What’s your next upcoming project?

We are planning for another feature film next year (2019). Hope and pray that things will work out as planned. And yes, shows will continue whenever we get opportunity. Along with that we don’t know how far Youtube will be out there but as long as it is there, we will keep working hard to bring good content to our viewers.


Any message to your fans and followers?

You cannot achieve success overnight. It takes discipline and focus to arrive at any goal. There’s a price to pay too, which is sacrificing your time to work when others are enjoying, and also pitching your ideas to friends and elders even when sometimes you feel they are not interested. Perfecting your art requires time and patience. The sacrifices you make and the patience you build up will surely bring things to fruition and at the end make you content with a sense of fulfillment that you have faced all the challenges along the way.

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