Magnum Opus: An Art and Music Festival organised by Act of kindness.

NeW Bureau

It was organized to celebrate and commemorate International Artist day which was on 25th October. It was organized with the view to bring together all the Artist and Art Lovers to come together under one Realm where each of them can interact, grow and learn from each other. We wanted to nurture the Artist to believe and dream high and so we gave a platform where each of them can enjoy, have fun but at the same time execute their talent. We live in a society where we are always told what to do, never asking us what we truly want. But we have come so far where we see our Present Generation breaking away from these Chains. We want Our Citizens to Live without Fear where they can dream and be compassionate to execute it with Freedom.

Art is a form of Expression whether it be in the form of Painting, writing, singing and so on. If we allow expression to take place with Freedom we will see a complete change in our society. A change that comes from within. We also believe that with the rising of freedom in expression there will be a decline in the crime rates.
Art and Music Celebration was for 2 days, 24th and 25th October 2018 at Urban Hatt.

– To honour the local Artist
– To promote the talent of local Artist
– To provide ample avenue of marketing for the upcoming and talented Artist.

The 4th edition of Magnum Opus was held on 24th and 25th of October 2018 at Urban Hatt .

Highlights of the event:-
– Photography
– Poetry
– Fine Art
– Short story writing

– Poetry
– Cosplay
– Original composition singing
– Art
-Short story writing


About Act of kindness Movement
While many dream for bringing changes only a few has the determination and plans to bring the much desired changes through simple acts, the simple act endorsed with compassion and kind-heartedness brings a lasting and rippling effect all round., in the midst of prevalent capriciousness and lack of responsibility among many, Act of kindness members had a vision to bring about changes in the City based on Principles of Christianity. Instead of enhancing expertise in blaming others they chose to see themselves as a blessing which they were convinced to bring the much sought after changes in simple ways and act of kindness for the community and denizens of Dimapur. Formed in the year 2015,Act of kindness has been involved in doing many activities .

List of activities Act Of Kindness has initiated/undertaken-
– Smooth Ride For Dimapur(filling up of potholes within the city)
– Dimapur District maternity ward renovation
– Visitation of Orphanage homes
– Setting up of solar plant at government lower primary school,kevijau colony, Dimapur
– Medical camps organised for orphanage homes
– Organised Magnum Opus(Art and music) festival [ 2015-2018]

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