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We often see the Success story of the entrepreneurs but miss out the journey of the story which is of course the struggles, commitments, challenges, sacrifices and consistency.
Three years back Talitemjen and Tain upcoming entrepreneurs meet up in a Salsa Class. Over some discussion they figure out that both had the same interest, desire and vision. They were so willing to bring out something authentic. It was a new road, their destination was clear but the new road needed some right decision both needed to make. It didn’t happen overnight, took them about Two months to start this journey.
Their story is about Consistency and taking a thoughtful decision all the time. They are PAWF NAGALAND (Performing Arts with Fitness). Established on Oct 2015 with a Mission #Fitter Nagaland ™. They are franchisor and operator of Fitness Center. Their Center is located at 4th Mile Diphupar Dimapur. They develop and manage fitness services for individuals, cooperates, hospitals, schools and communities across Nagaland including licensing PAWF INSTRUCTORS and Dance INSTRUCTORS.

– The Team is lead by Talitemjen a.k.a CRT as the CEO and the Master Trainer of PAWF NAGALAND.
– Tainla.Temjen is the Managing Director and leads the Marketing Team.
– Artistic │ Branding Design department is lead by Moa.Lemtur.
– Production team is managed and lead by Akum. Den
– Dance Department is lead by Talitemjen and Asst by KUKU.

Group exercise and Customized Personal Training are our main forte. They are all certified and qualified trainers at PAWF NAGALAND.
Ironically people think PAWF NAGALAND is ZUMBA® Fitness. Sometimes even the local media gets it wrong and describe as Zumba® People but they figure that this is happening because of ignorance. In fact all these Group Exercise programs like Zumba®Fitness , Bodycombat (A Mixed Martial Arts Work out), Strong by Zumba®, PAWF®Hardcore etc are under their belt and they are just a part of PAWF NAGALAND. And they are the first company to bring all these international programs to Nagaland.


Nagaland is opening up to wider approaches and we consider ourselves lucky to be in this era. Three years ago when we started PAWF, it was very tough. We have struggled to develop business plan. Decision related to service offering, market, demographics, technology because Nagaland was new to this approaches. They were told by many naysayers and guaranteed that it will not work and they will not be successful and will end up with nothing. Even though they were just a beginner they knew that this is what they want to do. They were content from the beginning because their job profile includes helping people get well and stay well. The satisfaction to assist people to a longer, happier and active life is a blessing.
PAWF NAGALAND pays tax to all these international programs and operates them legally. They go through rigorous training and thorough evaluation in order to be qualified and eligible for these programs. They trained for years but unfortunately in Nagaland and other parts of Northeast People learn through YouTube and become masters of everything or a person joins a gym or fitness program or event, that person believes that they can train other people. Their advice to all is lets be wise enough to know that we are about to give our precious life to someone to train you for a better lifestyle and better way of life and therefore we should be careful to whom we are giving our life for that 1 hour that you have sign up for! We should always inquire if that trainer is qualified enough to handle and train you with all the proper knowledge and coaching. Fitness is not simple as doing some exercises. In order to be fitness professional we must be held to a higher standard of accountability. We must be constantly learning and researching. We must be learning from mentors. We should get through certification, read books to improve your skills on a regular basis. If you are a hobbyist you have no right to be taking other people’s health into your hands!
In one of their daily conversation with friends they were remained by one friend that, they are creating or building a culture of health and wellness in the society which they are thankful to God that they have been given this opportunity.
The rise of fitness culture in Nagaland is raising and it is becoming very competitive throughout the world. Price competition is cutthroat. But people come back to them because of their personalized care, relationship and the quality of work and services they provide. They could proudly say that we are one fitness driven community. What we offer and how we offer matters a lot in an economy like ours.

5At PAWF NAGALAND they follow certification process and quality training. Also ensure that they set a credential high to become one of PAWF INSTRUCTOR.
To be healthy is basic. Being healthy is wealth. To exercise daily meaning looking after yourself and loving yourself, on top of that you are saving yourself from many diseases. Regular exercise is awesome for bones and muscles. One of the best things to clear your skin is also exercise. Your level of energy will be great throughout the day and the best part is your weight always is in check. Working out in group is one of the most effective ways of improving mental health. It relieves stress, improves memories and helps us to sleep better. Regular exercise improves sex life and add years to your life. Exercise is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment. It makes you self- worth and makes you stronger and feels happier.
The programs are well planned and we follow smart start. It is design for all age group. The group exercise program is design to make people fall in love with fitness and this become one of their basic needs and make it a way of life. The program not only burn calories but most importantly it will strengthen, shape and tone your entire body. The programs are designed and proven scientifically to get you fit, fast and strong. They will empower you to unleash your ultimate warrior. It is designed to target your entire muscle group and engaged your core and breaks those unwanted and stubborn fats.

Either you want to lose weight or gain weight. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, high or low blood pressure, diabetic, insomnia, cancer, asthma to name a few we have all the programs for you. We believe in “your success is our success” method and work towards your goal.
They work from Monday to Saturday. Except on 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

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