Nagaland fashion week 2018 starts from 30th October to 3rd November.

Nagaland Designers’ Association will be presenting its second edition Nagaland Fashion Week under the theme “evolve” which will focus on the perspective of taking the Nagaland fashion scene on an avenue of discovering new creative frontier with the intent to addressing the need of transforming the potentialities of the fashion designers in our state that of enhanced marketability with better relationship between the local designers and the consumers. With this in mind, the NDA aims to boost the brand value and commercial importance of the local fashion industry by initiating the development of modern techniques to produce texture and motif prints to revamp the contemporary ensemble into a refined, functional and comfort driven wardrobe, while also nurturing the best of local talents in the state.

Fashion industry is undoubtly the fastest growing industry and 7th largest economy in the world. This is one such industry that offers huge employment opportunities and an avenue which can somehow solve unemployment problem. Our state inspite of having many potential youth to run such industries are fading away due to lack of opportunities and lack of such industries in our state. With this in mind the Nagaland Designers’ Association aims to create platform for youth to discover their potential and venture into industries into such business and fields. The NDA also will not cease to urge the government to project on government industries in the state which can benefit countless unemployed youth, thereby uplift the state economy. Also it is through the medium of fashion that out traditional textiles and handlooms can be marketed on a higher scale and can be introduced on the global market as well. Hence, NDA with the motive to promote traditional textiles and handlooms in the fashion arena has decided to revive the ethnicity under the theme ‘evolve’, giving liberty to use traditional textiles and handlooms to the maximum for their collections and for the benefit of both parties.

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