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A 22 minutes short film called JAREM was screened on 21st September 2018 at Hotel Europa Inn Dimapur, Nagaland. The film is an adaptation from the story titled “silent screams” from the book “Sincerely Yours” by author Sentilong Ozukum. The film was Produced and Directed by Bendang Walling and OffOn Productions Pvt Ltd under the aegis of Hill Theatre based in Dimapur Nagaland. The movie is in Ao vernacular with English subtitle, JAREM means Pomegranate or something beautiful in AO dialect. JAREM was shot at various locations within Dimapur City during the month of May.

About the movie:-
Life has never been the same for 15 year old Jarem ever since the haunting began days after his family moved to a new home. Initially his mother blames the new surroundings and seeks remedy from a prayer warrior. When the remedy offered by the prayer warriors doesn’t help, his parents take him to a host of prayer centers and faith healers seeking for a cure. However the intensity of the haunting only increases which takes a heavy toll on his studies and health. Will Jarem ever be released from the bonding of the supernatural forces? Unimagined by anyone around him, there is something more to his story…
The producer and director Bendang walling is positive for the good reviews as this Jarem is targeting the International and National film festivals. Interested groups and organization who wants this Jarem movie to be screened can reached in this number +91-9862665330 or email at hilltheatre12@gmail.com
There are 10 cast in this film , Cinematogapher: Menang Jamir & Supong AL, Music: Alem Alia, Sound: Aakum Den, Sound FX: Nokrang, Production Manager: Senangba Longchar, Make up: Atu Ao, Lights: Kikameren Longchar & Aakum Den, Art Direction: Limanungdang Ao, Editor: Aakum Den, Director & Producer: Bendang Walling.

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